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Welcome back to Autumn 2!


We hope you all had a lovely half term.


This week has been a short but busy week! We had our visit to Elstree and Borehamwood Synagogue, school photos and parents evening!



- We have our Y6 assembly on Wednesday 13th November at 9am. This is an opportunity for all the children to talk about their week before the half term.


- School is closed for children (not us staff!) on Thursday 12th December because the school is a Polling Station.


-Tuesday is wear 'Odd Socks' day as part of Anti-Bullying Week.


- PE kits need to be back in school please!


Have a lovely weekend and stay warm as the temperature is dropping!


The Y6 Team :)

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Monday 4th November was ‘No pens day’! We used the laptops to write about PGL/ activities week in preparation for our assembly next Wednesday. We also played a variety of fraction games in maths. We had a great day but I think we all agree that we enjoy doing a bit of writing everyday!

Week 8


We’ve made it to half term!


What an exciting and busy 8 weeks we have had in Y6! The children have been working very hard and really deserve a week to rest and enjoy time with their friends and families.


This week the children have taken part in a range of activities both in school and at PGL.


We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the adults who helped to make this happen. Thank you to the staff who gave up their time to accompany the children to PGL and thank you to the parents who gave up their time to accompany the children to Mod Pizza, Jump In and the Cinema.


For those of you who have not had a copy of the winter/ spring menu, there is a copy of it below. 


Have a lovely half term and we look forward to seeing you in November!


Enjoy your extra hour of sleep on Sunday! J

Week 7: 14th - 18th October 2019


So close to half term but there’s still one more exciting week to go!


If your child is taking part in activities week, please make sure you send the consent forms back and pay the £20 for activities. If your child is going to PGL, their medical forms should already be back in school.


This week in English we planned and wrote ‘Part 2’ to the story ‘Varmints’. We tied everything we have been learning the past few weeks to ensure our writing is super! We had a very extensive success criteria!


In maths we have been learning how to simplify fractions by finding the common denominator. Towards the end of the week we solved a range of problems involving fractions.


Thank you for all the fantastic homework which was handed in this half term - a lot of effort has gone into it which is fantastic!


*There are no spellings being sent home this week due to PGL


We hope you have a lovely weekend!


The Y6 Team

W/C 7th October 2019-  Busy, busy, busy!


All the Y6 children have been working hard this week in all areas of their learning. In our English lessons we have been comparing the video and book versions of the story ‘Varmints’. We then wrote a character description of a Varmint and then researched its definition. Towards the end of the week we debated different philosophical questions and then chose one to write a balanced argument for. Miss Kneller came to see our writing and was very impressed! We are very proud of the effort our children are putting into their writing and the progress which has been made in such a small amount of time. Next week we start writing ‘Varmints- Part 2!’.


In maths this week we have been revisiting prime numbers, multiples, factors, square numbers and cube numbers. One of our lessons involved finding the lowest common multiple of different numbers.


Thursday 10th October was ‘World Mental Health Day’. We had a class discussion about worries- what they are, how they make us feel and how we can deal with them. We discussed the importance of talking about your worries and how talking with someone can help you. We then used the shape of hands to remind ourselves of the people we can talk to (both inside and outside of school) if we have a worry.



Homework is due in on Friday 18th October 2019


If your child is going to PGL- please return the medical form


If your child is taking part in activities week- please return the consent form and pay the £20


We are collecting the stickers from Aldi!


We hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday - The Y6 Team :)

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Year 6 Extra Activies W/C 21st October

Year 6 PGL Meeting PowerPoint

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W/C 30th September 2019


Here we are- Friday again!


This week in English we have been reading a new book ‘Varmints’. We have only looked at the first few pages but have already created some fantastic writing using exciting vocabulary and really thinking about the effect the language we use has on the reader. We wrote a letter to a friend comparing the events of a particular day including what we could see, hear and how we felt.


In maths we have been learning to solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Towards the end of the week we solved multi-step problems and ensured that children can identify relevant strategies to solve problems that are more complex. Next week we move onto identifying common factors, common multiples and primes!


In Science this week we were learning about ‘classification’. We imagined we were opening up a zoo and needed to group the given animals. We then wrote a letter explaining why we had classified them in the particular way.


Don’t forget there is a meeting on Monday 7th October at 3:30pm in 6E for parents whose child is going to PGL.


Reminder: Homework is due in on Friday 18th October 2019.


Have a lovely weekend!


The Y6 Team J

W/C 23rd September 2019

Week 4 is complete! Can you believe we are already half way through the half term?!


This week was our last week using Hermelin for our text. We consolidated all our learning over the past 3 weeks to write our own diary entry as Hermelin. We were very impressed with the effort the children put into their diary entries and are excited about future writing!


Next week we will be looking at a new text………….watch this space!


In maths we have been busy revisiting addition, subtraction, multiplication and division strategies which will help us to solve a range of problems. When revisiting division we reiterated the importance of knowing your times tables to help make it quicker. When you are out and about or walking to/ from school, test your child on their times tables!


In Science this week we have been finding out about the rainforest: who lives there, what the climate is like and where in the world the rainforests are. We found out that the rainforest is made up of different layers and drew our own rainforest, labelling the different layers.


In our topic work we continued finding out about The Mayans. This week we found out all about their beliefs and Gods. We made our own fact files about them.


Date for your diary: Monday 7th October – PGL assembly. Join us in 6E for a brief meeting about what to pack etc! If you are unable to attend the meeting do not worry. We will upload the PowerPoint to this page after the meeting.


The weather forecast for the weekend continues to say rain L so stay dry!


Have a lovely weekend!


The Y6 Team J

W/C 16th September 2019

Another busy week in Year 6! The highlight of the week was our chocolate workshop on Thursday. The children all enjoyed tasting the different types of chocolate and were surprised when they were given a small piece of chocolate which was chilli flavour!

After finding out about the history of chocolate and tasting it, the children then made their own chocolate truffles using ganache. There was great excitement at the end of the workshop when the children were told they could lick their fingers! We have written a recount about our experience which you will be able to see in our topic books.


In English this week we have continued to explore the story of ‘Hermelin’. We acted out being one of the detectives in the story and interviewed each other as different characters. We wrote up our interviews and the next day we edited them to improve them.


In maths this week we have be ordering numbers –including 3 decimal place numbers and we have been learning about negative numbers. Towards the end of the week we revisited numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.



Summerswood is participating in the Aldi scheme to possibly win £20,000 worth of PE kit. If a family spends £30 or more in Aldi they will get a sticker to put on our school poster. If we manage to fill it we could win the money. We had a visit from Team GB athlete, Anthony Ogogo to promote this. He spoke to the children about working hard at school and achieving your dreams. 


We hope you have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday!


The Year 6 Team :)




W/C 9th September 2019


Our first full week in Year 6!


This week in English we have been reading the story ‘Hermelin the Mouse Detective’. We have analysed and explained the impact of the author’s language and retrieved information, referring to more than one place in the text.


In maths we have been reading, writing and ordering large numbers.

We also had the last two SATs reasoning papers to complete at the beginning of the week.


We hope you have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week and telling you all about our chocolate workshop!


The Year 6 Team J

Autumn 1- Homework Grid

Autumn Term Topic Web - The Mayans

*A quick note for 6E parents

I will be in school 5 days a week!

Monday and Tuesdays in class all day

Wednesday - In class in the morning and Mrs Ely will teach in the afternoon (so I can attend the SLT meeting)

Thursday – In class in the morning and Mrs Ely will teach in the afternoon (Year 6 PPA)

Friday – Out of class. Mr McConville will teach the class in the morning and Mrs Ely in the afternoon


Miss Froy :)

Our school day

8:40 - 8:50 – Early morning activities

8:50 - 9:00 – Registration

9:00 – 10:00 – English

10:00 – 10:10 – The Daily Mile

10:10 – 10:25 – Nurture Time

10:25 – 10:50 – Guided Reading

10:50 – 11:05 – Playtime

11:05 – 12:05 – Maths

12:05 – 12:30 – Misconceptions/ Spelling/ Homework

12:30 – 1:25 – Lunch

1:25 – 3:00 – Maths Whizz/ Library/ Topic/ Science/ French/ RE


*Game On is on a Tuesday morning.

*We have an assembly at 1:35pm on a Tuesday and Thursday

*Our spelling test will be 9am on a Friday before Summerswood Superstar assembly at 9:20am

It was lovely to see so many of you at our ‘Meet the Teacher’ meetings today!

It’s going to be a great year in Year 6! J

Meet the Teacher 2019!

Welcome back! We hope you had a good summer and are ready for another busy year at Summerswood!


This week we have joined in with a variety of ‘Getting to know you’ activities including class bingo and making our own time capsule. In our time capsule we wrote about our hopes for this year and we also drew around our hands and feet so we can see how much they have grown in July. We also used wool to measure our current height so we can find out how many inches taller we are in July!


We have completed a couple of previous SATs papers which will inform our planning and see where your child needs support. 


The children came home with a letter this week about the Chocolate Museum Workshop. Please ensure you read the ingredients on the back of the letter and then sign the consent form and send it back by Friday 13th September.


Year 6 will be having their Game On PE lesson on Tuesdays so please ensure PE kits are in school.


We hope you have a lovely weekend and here’s to a fantastic year!


The Year 6 Team J

50 books to read by the time you leave year 6...