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              Welcome to Year 6  - 2020/2021

Welcome back to school everyone!

Happy New Year to our Y6 families!


We will be using Google Classroom for our communication over the next few weeks instead of this page.


If you do have any questions or worries, please do not hesitate to contact us at ennis@summerswood.herts.sch.uk or joshua@summerswood.herts.sch.uk 


smileyWe hope you keep safe during this national lockdown and we look forward to seeing you soon heart

Week 7: 14th - 18th December 2020

Merry Christmas! We've have another busy week in Y6!

This week in English we wrote our own autobiographies. We planned what we wanted to write (thinking about 6 events in our lives) and then wrote them in paragraphs. It was important to remember to write in first person and in past tense. We edited our writing with our partner before writing it in neat for our class book. 


In maths this week we were learning how to find the 'mean' or 'average' of a set of numbers.  We found the mean of a given set of numbers and we also solved problems relating to finding the mean for example, 

The temperature for UK on a holiday website is found by taking the mean average from 8 different parts of the country. What should they put up if the temperature in the 8 locations are: 12⁰C 18⁰C 9⁰C 12⁰C 15⁰C 20⁰C 21⁰C 13⁰C


This week we also completed the last activity of our topic 'Frozen Kingdoms'. We planned and carried out a science experiment looking at what affects the speed of ice melting. We put 'icebergs' into cups (ice!) and put the five cups in different places including: in the fridge, by the radiator, next to the hairdryer. We also had a cup with salt water to see if salt water increased the time the ice took to melt. 


Our next topic is 'A Child's War'. We will be teaching the children about the cause and effect of the Second World War, significant events and people and develop their empathy for what it was like to be a child at the time. If you know anyone who has any World War 2 memorabilia we could look at, please email us photos of them.


*There is no set homework for the Christmas holidays. We'd like the children to relax and enjoy the break! If you would like to do some work with them, they can read and practise their times tables. 


We'd like to say a huge thank you for all your support this term. It's been a difficult time for all of us, but the children have been making progress and working really hard. We hope you have a lovely Christmas and we wish you a very happy new year. We look forward to seeing the children on Monday 4th January 2021 for another fun and busy term in Year 6!


The Y6 Team heart


Week 6: 7th -11th December 2020

In English this week we went back to our whole school book 'Coming to England'. At the beginning of the week the children wrote an extended description describing the favourite parts of their home. They thought carefully about describing the items/objects as if the reader has never seen them before.  We also made a mind-map about the word ‘celebration’, asking the children to contribute their understanding and any celebratory experiences that they can recall. This also included any celebrations that have taken place at school. We then discussed the following questions: 
Why are celebrations important?

Why do we remember celebrations?

What aspects of celebrations do we remember more? Why?

The children choose a celebration to write a recount about, using a detailed success criteria. 


Maybe over the weekend you could have a chat with your child about the different celebrations they have been part of while growing up. If you'd like to listen to parts of the story 'Coming to England', click on the following link - https://youtu.be/-34z70LC7pE  


This week in maths we focused on understanding and interpreting graphs, rather than collecting data and construction. In order to be able to interpret a graph correctly, children must understand the purpose of titles and axis labels. During the week the children practised retrieval, comparison and extrapolation skills for example, What is the coldest temperature that was recorded in either city? At what time did the temperature in Geneva first reach -6°C? By how much did the temperature in London increase from 4 am to 8am?  

At the beginning of the week we revisited pie charts and how they visually present discrete data, and that when comparing pie charts, we must take into account the total sample size for each chart. 



Y6 Christmas lunch - Thursday 17th December. Children to come into school in their party clothes!

CGP books to be brought into school on Monday 14th December.

School finishes on Friday 18th December at 1:10pm. 


We hope you have a lovely weekend. Keep safe and keep warm!


The Y6 Team

Reading: Olympic Torch Relay - Day 52 (Pages 12 - 13)

Maths: Pages 84, 85 & 86




Week 5: 30th November - 3rd December 2020

Hello December! 

We've had another busy week in Y6. This week the children took part in assessments and we are really impressed with the progress the children have made. We will use the assessments to inform our planning for the Spring term as well as how we can help support your child in school and how you can support your child at home. 


Reminders: Raffle ticket money for the class hampers to be returned by Monday 7th December!


Christmas cards: There has been a lot of debate across the country as to whether we should allow Christmas cards this year! The answer from Summerswood is YES YES YES! We will, of course, be safe with this and ask you to be careful with this when writing cards at home. Please do not lick the envelopes! Tucking them in will be great this year! Each classroom will have a box for Christmas cards to be collected and then, once a week, they will be delivered into each class. If you have cards for people outside of the classroom, bring them to the classroom and they’ll be “quarantined” before delivery. Thank you for your support with this.  Remember, whether healthy or sick – please don’t lick! 


We hope you have a lovely 3 day weekend!


The Y6 Team 

CGP Homework - 3.12.20


Reading: Cider with Rosie (10 -11)

Maths: Pages 2-3

Challenge 1 - Questions 1 - 4

Challenge 2 - Questions 1 - 6

Challenge 3 - Questions 1 - 9


If your child is stuck on challenge 2 or challenge 3 please do not worry, we will be revisiting this area of maths throughout Y6 and they can always go back to the questions later in the year.

Week 4: 23rd - 27th November 2020

Here we are- almost heading into December! The past few weeks seem to be flying past!

Well done and thank you to all of the children who have brought in decorations to help make our classroom look Christmassy for the last couple of weeks of the term. We are looking forward to spending Monday afternoon being creative!

Look out for some photos posted here on our class page next week.


This week in English we began the week revisiting using inverted commas for speech. We took part of the text from the story 'Night of the Gargoyles' and added our own conversations, using inverted commas. It was great reading all the imaginative ideas about what the man behind the door and the watchman were saying.


In maths this week we revisited short division. We had great fun on Tuesday afternoon going outside and answering the questions on the playground with chalk. Who says Y6 should only write using a pen or pencil!


This week has been 'Road Safety' week. We started the week with a great assembly from Mrs Freeman who spoke to us about using the crossing on Furzehill Road to cross the road, not straight outside of the school gates where it is not safe. We spoke as a class about 'Be Bright Be Seen'. We made posters using highlighters to show the importance of wearing bright clothes or accessories when walking in the dark. We also looked at a couple of photos which showed the difference between wearing dark clothes and bright clothes/ accessories. All children came home this week with a smiley face reflective sticker for them to attach to their bag or coat. 

We have also re-launched WOW this week which means we will be encouraging children to walk to school on a Tuesday and Thursday. Park and stride and cycling to school are also included. The children will then be able to earn badges during the year depending on how many times a week they walk to school. We understand that some of you live further away from school than others, if you can park near to school and your child walks the last bit - that will still count!


There is no school on Friday 4th December 2020 and we finish school for the Christmas holidays at 1:30pm on Friday 18th December 2020



We hope you have a lovely weekend - lockdown is close to being lifted!


The Y6 Team

CGP Homework - 27.11.20


Reading: Pages 8 - 9

Maths: Pages 15 - 16

Challenge 1 - Questions 1 - 3

Challenge 2 - Questions 1 - 6

Challenge 3 - Questions 1 - 8


If your child is stuck on challenge 2 or challenge 3 please do not worry, we will be revisiting this area of maths throughout Y6 and they can always go back to the questions later in the year 

Week 3: 16th - 20th November 2020

Another short but busy week! 

This week in English we continued to focus our writing on the story 'Night of the Gargoyles'. This week we looked at developing mood and atmosphere as well as character descriptions. We began to link ideas across paragraphs using adverbials of time, place, number or tense choice. Next week we will be recapping using speech correctly and then we will write our own 'Night of the Gargoyles' story. 


In maths we revisited learning from Year 5 in which have been taught both the short and long formal written methods of multiplication. The emphasis in Year 6 is for pupils to apply these methods to a wide range of problems. New learning this week involved multiplying a 1-digit number with a decimal with up to 2 decimal places. It is important that children apply knowledge of ‘base facts’ to create facts including decimals. For example, knowing that 2 x 6 can be applied to work out 0.2 x 6.  


Please see the past two weeks newsletters which have all the information about the up coming Christmas activities including decorating our classrooms and the Christmas hampers. 


Next week is 'Road Safety' week. We will be doing lots of activities in school but it is also important to speak to your child about keeping safe when they are walking along and crossing roads - you could have a look at keeping safe on the roads by where you live. 


We hope you have a nice long weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week for a 5 day week! Don't forget we are not at school on Friday 4th December 2020! 


Keep safe and keep warm! smiley


A few of our anti-bullying week posters

CGP Homework - 20.11.20


Reading: Pages 6-7

Maths: Pages 13 - 14

Challenge 1 - Questions 1-3

Challenge 2 - Questions 1- 5

Challenge 3 - Questions 1-7


If your child is stuck on challenge 2 or challenge 3 please do not worry, we will be revisiting this area of maths throughout Y6 and they can always go back to the questions later in the year smiley

Week 2: 9th - 13th November 2020

Back to a 5 day week this week! It was an unexpected surprise to be closed last Friday, but at least it gave us a chance to put Google Classroom to good use! It was lovely to see the great work which was completed - thank you to those of you who were able to login!


This week we have been working hard in English to create our non-chronological reports about 'Earth'. This has been the final piece of writing linked to the book 'The Planetarium'. The book is quite expensive (£27.99 on Amazon) however, if your child is a space enthusiast- it is a beautiful book and has lots of information. 

Our writing needed to include a brief introduction, be organised into paragraphs, use factual language and include headings and sub-headings. Lots to remember when you are busy writing! We watched the following video to help collect lots more information about Earth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCDVN7DCzYE  


Towards the end of the week we started reading our next text: The Night of the Gargoyles by Eve Bunting. We began by looking at the front cover of the book and using the clues to predict what we think we might read about. We also had a brief discussion about what a gargoyle is! We began to understand how mood and atmosphere can be created by authorial choices and we created an impression of characters by modifying nouns (including  the use of expanded noun phrases & relative clauses)


This week in maths, children have revised how to add and subtract fractions with different denominators that are multiples of the same number. We then solved a variety of word problems, thinking about what the question is asking us to do and which operation is needed. Towards the end of the week we found out how to multiply fractions - which has a lot less steps than adding and subtracting fractions!


In PSHE this week we were learning to identify how social media can have an impact on someone's wellbeing. We spoke about both the positive and negative ways social media can make others feel. 

We also spoke about the questions below. It is important that we have regular conversations with the children about keeping safe when online and ensure they know what to do if there is a problem. 



The parents evening system has gone live and you can now login to book your appointment. 

Appointments are 10 minutes and will take place on Thursday 19th November and Friday 20th November 2020. 


We hope you have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week which is also 'Anti-bullying Week'.


The Y6 Team 

A few of our reports about 'Earth'!

CGP Homework - 13.11.20


Reading: Holes- Pages 4-5

Maths: Pages 34 -35

Challenge 1 - Questions 1-3

Challenge 2 - Questions 1- 6

Challenge 3 - Questions 1-9


If your child is stuck on challenge 2 or challenge 3 please do not worry, we will be revisiting this area of maths throughout Y6 and they can always go back to the questions later in the year smiley

Autumn 2: 2nd - 6th November 2020



Welcome back! We hope you had a restful half term.


In English this week we continued to use the book 'Planetarium' for our learning. We researched a few more of the planets and wrote a postcard to a friend Mars and a persuasive text encouraging astronauts to visit Venus. At the end of the week we wrote a non-chronological report about Earth using headings, facts and diagrams. 


Now that the children are able to change fractions to equivalents and simplify fractions, this week we compared and ordered them. 

The children needed to change fractions to a common denominator but also estimate and use their fraction sense to ensure that their ordering is reasonable. Some children also worked with mixed numbers in relevant contexts when ordering and comparing. Next week we will be adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions. 


We also started learning about our new topic 'Frozen Kingdoms'. We researched information about the Artic and Antarctica and wrote a diary entry imagining we had visited one of the places. 


Key information 

*Look out for our poppy display outside the school next week! Each child has coloured in a poppy to create a whole school wreath. 

*Parents evening is on Thursday 19th November (4-7pm) and Friday 20th November (9am-12pm) this will take place virtually. Please look out for information about booking an appointment.

*Reading books should be handed in on a Monday and children should be reading at home a minimum of 4 times a week.


We hope you have a lovely weekend - keep safe and keep warm! 







The Y6 Team 


CGP Homework information


CGP homework will be set on a Friday.

Please check the Y6 website to see which pages need to be completed.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we are not asking for books to be returned weekly. The dates for CGP books to be brought into school are:

Monday 23rd November 2020

Monday 14th December 2020

The answers are at the back of the books for the children to mark their work after they have completed it.


Reading comprehension - Book 1: Pages 2-3

Maths - Fractions: Pages 30-31



Equivalent Fractions

Frozen Kingdoms - Knowledge Organiser

Week 7: 19th - 23rd October 2020

We've made it to half term! What a busy but fun 7 weeks we have had! There have been lots of changes to what we have previously known as a 'normal' day and we’ve had new 'bubble' rules to remember, but the children have done really well. 


This week in our PSHE lesson we talked about the importance of ‘thinking’ before we say or write something to someone. It is important during this difficult time that we remember to be kind to each other as well as understanding the impact words can have on us.



Thank you very much to those of you who contributed to our Harvest donations – we were over-whelmed with your generosity and it is really appreciated.


We’ve had another busy week of learning this week. In English we started reading a new book ‘Planetarium’ which is a non-fiction book about Space. We began the week discussing the effect the introduction has on the reader and also developing our own fluency when reading. We also used a dictionary to find the meaning of different scientific space vocabulary.


In maths this week we continued to build from what we were learning last week.  The children had previously applied their knowledge of factors and multiples in a range of contexts, and this week they began to apply this in the children built upon their understanding to enable them to identify fractions that are equivalent. During the week the children used common factors to simplify fractions and to express them in their simplest form. This learning will ensure children can apply the skills required after half term when they will compare and order fractions.


We had a great time in science making our own person using tin foil and finding out how shadows are formed. Thank you for sending your child in with tin foil! 

We came to the end of our Mayan topic and enjoyed tasting some hot chocolate with a few added flavours! It has been a great topic this half term and we are looking forward to starting our new topic 'Frozen Kingdoms'.


Half term homework: It has been a very busy 7 weeks for the children and we would like them to have a rest over half term so they are ready for Autumn 2! If you would like your child to do some work during half term they can:

-Go on Maths Whizz

-Read books you have at home

-Learn the times tables they are stuck on (children should know their times tables up to 12X12 by the end of Y4)

-Know the meanings and the spellings of the Y5/Y6 words


We hope you have a lovely half term and we hope you all keep safe. 

We look forward to seeing you in November!

The Y6 Team 

Y5 & Y6 Curriculum Spelling List

Week 6: 12th -16th October 2020


Wow, how time flies! 


This week in English we have been busy producing excellent writing. We started the week writing a setting description about one of the pictures in the story 'The Wisp'. We thought carefully about words we could use to describe the ocean, thinking about what we'd be able to see, hear, smell and feel. 

We also wrote a diary entry, imagining we were the main character Idris and remembering to write in first person. Towards the end of the week we planned our own version of 'The Wisp' and then wrote it. The writing which was produced was excellent! We then spent Friday's lesson editing and improving our story with our partner. 


In maths this week children were introduced to factors, multiples and primes and began to see how they might use and apply this information in a range of contexts. This sequence is building towards application within a fractions context in which the children will need to be fluent with recognising common factors and multiples to support their understanding of equivalence within fractions. We spent a lesson finding the 'lowest common multiple'. This is the smallest number which fits into two or more numbers for example:

multiples of 3 = 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18

multiples of 4 = 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24

lowest common multiple = 12









We have continued to do our '99 club' maths each week. It is really important children know their times tables and have rapid recall of them as it helps them in many areas of maths. 


Important information

*Reading is part of this half term's homework and children are expected to read to an adult 4 times a week. Please ensure you are making time in the week to hear your child read. 


*Please do make sure your child is making their 4 progressions a week on Maths Whizz and if you have any problems accessing a computer/ tablet, please let us know. 


*Please remember to send your child into school with a roll of tin foil for our science lesson next week. The children will return home with any tin foil they don't use!



At this time of year we enjoy celebrating Harvest and helping those around us. This year, we are going to be celebrating Harvest in a different way! Next week we are asking for families to donate items for the Borehamwood Food Bank. If you are able to donate some items, we would be really grateful to support this brilliant local charity. The picture to the right shows the Borehamwood Food Bank’s urgently required items. If you have one of these items at home that you are able to share, please send it to school with your child and it will be collected and delivered to the Borehamwood Food Bank by the end of term. Thank you to those who are able to support us.


Dates for your diary

Photos – 2nd & 3rd November Individual child photos will be taking place in school when we return after the half-term break. Unfortunately, we will be unable to take sibling photos this year, due to the crossing over of Bubbles that this will involve – I realise that this is disappointing, but we are doing all we can to ensure all children are safe in school. Children will need to wear clean shirts and jumpers/cardigans, and if your child normally has PE lessons on one of these days, we will try and schedule their photos for the other day - we hope to publish the timetable next week. 


We hope you have a lovely weekend - keep safe!


The Y6 Team

A few of our Harvest poems

Week 5: 5th - 9th October 2020


A huge well done to all the children for their hard work this week during assessment week. We have been really impressed with their positive attitudes and we will be using the information to inform our planning and put interventions/ support into place. 

If you would like more information about how to support your child at home, please do not hesitate to email us. 


Alongside assessment week we have been learning sign language to a song about Harvest. We are looking forward to sharing this with you in the coming weeks. 


This week was 'Walk to school' week. Each day we have logged how we travelled to school and thought about how we would like to travel to school. Even the grown-ups had to say how they travel to school! We watched a video about 'Our first journey' which looked at children's first journey on their own i.e getting the bus to school, walking home on their own. We talked about which roads in Borehamwood we felt were dangerous and how we can keep ourselves safe when walking in the dark. 

We had a competition across the school to see who made the best poster! 



-Last date to pay for CGP books is Friday 9th October

-A letter about Bikeability was sent out last week - please pay on The Gateway

-A minimum of 4 progressions a week on Maths Whizz to help make good progress

-Don't forget to log into Google Classroom!


Have a lovely weekend smiley


The Y6 Team



Our Road Safety Poster Winners! Well Done!

A few more of our fantastic posters!

Week 4: 28th September - 2nd October 2020


We've had another great week! This week in English we had a new book to read 'Wisp- A story of hope'.

Wisp is a beautiful tale of hope, set in a refugee camp of tents and fences, featuring stunning illustrations.

It is a powerful and uplifting picture book telling the story of a young refugee, born into a world of tents and fences, who discovers hope and the promise of someday. 


During the week we wrote questions we would like to ask the character as well as writing our own metaphors for one of the images from the story. Towards the end of the week we wrote sentences about how Idris was feeling using co-ordinating conjunctions such as but, because, and, or.


We have continued to work hard on our handwriting and our presentation and our English books are looking great!  


In maths this week we thought about the different strategies we can use to help solve problems and then revisited solving multi-step problems. Towards the end of the week we solved problems involving working backwards. We had a great time playing 'Nim'-  a two-player game that originates from China. You might like to play it at home!


· Place seven counters in a pile and decides who starts.

· Players takes turns to remove either one or two counters from the pile.

· The player who takes the last counter wins (this can be included within the last two).

· Play again but change the start player.

· Players keep playing and try to work out a winning strategy.


During our 'Hola Mexico' topic work this week we made a comic strip about the legend of the Uxmal dwarf- a story about perserverance and the importance of not judging others. We also learnt about the Mayan number system and the Mayan Gods. Ask your child what they can remember about the Mayan number system!


Next week is assessment week but please don't worry! It is simply an opportunity for us to see where the gaps are in the children's learning so we can plan our lessons effectively, put interventions in place where necessary and work with you to support your child at home.   



This week's assembly was focussed on 'The big anti-bullying assembly'. 

As children all over the UK return to schools and lessons, the video reminds everyone of the need for mutual respect in our schools and communities. The children enjoyed seeing the different celebrities discuss the need to be kind. We talked about how together, we will pledge to put an end to bullying, celebrate diversity and create communities of kindness.


*A letter was emailed this week about ordering CGP books which will be used for homework. The deadline is Friday 9th October and please remember to pay via the gateway. 

*Please login to Google Classroom to complete the first tasks. We will learn how to use Google Classroom together over the next few weeks!


World Mental Health Day is celebrated on Saturday 10th October 2020. We will be celebrating things that make us happy on Monday 12th October and to kick off the day, everyone at Summerswood is invited to wear something that makes them happy that day! This could be something in your favourite colour, dressing up as a pirate or a princess, or even coming in your favourite footballer’s t-shirt – if your school uniform makes you happy, then we’d be delighted to see you wearing that, too! There is no charge for this dress down day. Caring about our own wellbeing is very important to everyone at the moment and we hope to bring smiles to many faces on this day.


Have a lovely weekend (despite the weather!) and we look forward to seeing you next week.


The Y6 Team smiley


Next week is 'Road Safety Week' at Summerswood

We are putting our hands up and pledging to put an end to bullying

Week 3: 21st -25th September 2020


This week in English we have written our own adventure stories. We could either tell the next adventure of the story 'Journey' - Where might the boy and girl go now? What might they do? Or, If you found a magic door, where might it lead you? We began the week by describing a setting from the story 'Journey' and then planned it. 


We watched the video clip of the song 'A Whole New World' from the Disney film to draw children’s attention to some of the lyrics from the song such as: 
Unbelievable sights , indescribable feeling , soaring, tumbling, freewheeling through an endless diamond  sky 

When the children wrote their story they tried hard to use correct grammar and punctuation, as well as using a range of vocabulary. The children have lots of rich language which they have developed over the past couple of weeks which they were encouraged to use. Towards the end of the week the children had time to read their work to a partner and give supportive and precise feedback such as: 
Have you included all your capital letters/ full stops/ finger spaces? Does your writing make sense? Where might you add more detail?



In maths this week the children have explored and visualised what happens to a number when it is multiplied or divided by 10, 100 or 1,000 and linked this to their understanding of the base ten number system. During the week children have extended their previous learning to include numbers with up to 3 decimal places and applied their knowledge in the context of measure. Please continue to make the link between this skill of converting units of measure so that children make connections to secure understanding i.e when measuring at home. 


We have also recapped short and long multiplication this week. The image to the left shows the 6 steps to follow in order to successfully multiply a two digit number by a two digit number. 


To multiply a two digit number by a one digit number, you follow steps 1 & 2. 


Daily practise of the times tables will help your child to multiply numbers quickly!

Hola Mexico!

During our history and geography lessons we found out about Maya writing. We used the fact files to find more information about their writing and then we drew some of them. At the end of the week we used clay to scribe different words and codices. 

We also had a great time tasting 'Aguas frescas'- thank you for returning the consent forms. Emailing us will be the new way forward to return consent forms. Please do remember to send it to the correct teacher! (although we do forward them onto each other!)


We hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy seeing some photos of our busy week below.


The Y6 Team :)



Challenge 2 spellings - we accidentally made a mistake! Correct spellings are below!

Some examples of our writing from this week!

We had a great afternoon using clay! Here are a few examples of our fabulous work!

Week 2: 14th - 18th September 2020


Another busy week in Y6! 

This week in English we continued to use the story 'Journey' for our text. The children began the week by writing and editing their own poem about 'Colour'. It was important that the poems included adjectives to make them really interesting. On Wednesday the children used conjunctions to describe how the girl was feeling during different parts of the story. It is easy to just use the word 'because', so we challenged ourselves to use a range of conjunctions e.g although, despite, so, but.

On Thursday the children made their own lanterns. We watched a video which showed us how to do it and from the video the children wrote instructions. The children realised how important instructions are and the need for them to be clear and concise!


Our focus of this learning this week was to solve number problems and practical problems that involve place value. This week the children have developed their existing understanding of place value within the new number range (10,000,000) and to decimals with up to 3 decimal places. Children have confidently counted across and back through boundaries to regroup numbers. They have deepened their understanding of negative numbers and recognised how these can be combined with decimals. 
Towards the end of the week the children applied their understanding of place value and rounding to be able to round numbers with accuracy. Some children solved problems that required answers to be rounded to make sense according to context.


Our topic lessons began by locating Mexico on a map along with the equator, northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere. We also read lots of facts about Mexico and used them to make a poster. Later in the week we compared the desert to Brighton beach. There are lots of differences and a few similarities. We all agreed that there aren't any seagulls in the desert trying to steal your ice cream or chips! We then looked at the food the Maya people ate and completed a food diary of our meals from this week. We talked about the similarities and differences between their meals and ours. 


We hope you had a good week and we hope you have a lovely weekend.


The Y6 Team smiley

- Please email a photo of the consent form for your child to make fruit cocktails and hot chocolate

- School finishes at 3pm for Y6 children. Please be prompt at home time

- Reading books need to be returned on a Monday

- Spelling books need to be returned on a Monday

-Spelling sheets need to be returned on a Friday



- Children should be making a minimum of 4 progressions a week on Maths Whizz.

- Please email us if your child has forgotten their password.

- We may set specific tasks for your children to complete weekly.


Week 1: 7th -11th September 2020


Our first full week back at school has been very busy but extremely successful! We're sure they'll be some tired children (and adults) by Friday evening. 


This week we began looking at the wordless book 'Journey', written by Aaron Becker. We began the week by talking about our own journeys - including which transport we used and who we went with. We then looked closely at the front cover and made predictions about what we thought would happen in the story. Later in the week we sequenced the events of the story and wrote captions to match the pictures. We made sure we used a good selection of adjectives to make our writing more exciting. Towards the end of the week we focused on how the girl was feeling when she was on the magic carpet. Next week we will be writing poems!


This week in maths we were developing a deeper understanding of what happens when numbers are multiplied and divided by 10, 100 and 1000. 

We also spent a lesson recapping 'time' - making links between digital and analogue times. We enjoyed following the instructions to put together our own school timetable. Next week we will be consolidating our learning about place value.


We had a great time this week making our Day of the Dead masks as part of our toppic 'Hola Mexico!' We looked at images from Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and designed our own masks. We used newspaper, a plastic mask and a balloon and then painted it with a range of beautiful patterns and bright colours. We knew Papier-mâché would be fun to use but we didn't know it would be so messy! surprise


Our 'Meet the teacher' PowerPoint is underneath our videos. We hope it provides you will all the information you need. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunny weather!


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Hi from Miss Parker

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Hi from Miss Froy

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Meet the Teacher - September 2020

Hola Mexico! We have enjoyed making our masks this week. Just the final details to add next week!

Hola Mexico!

11.9.20 Spellings - Some children have chosen their own challenge this week!


Welcome to Year 6!


We have an exciting and challenging year ahead, with the aim of having the children confident, ready and raring to go to secondary school in a year's time. It will be a year of significant academic, emotional and social growth and we are really looking forward to embarking on this journey with the children.


We had a lovely day on Friday getting to know the children. We completed a range of activities including 'Reaching for the stars', 'What we'd like our classroom to be', 'A black dot can be....' and making a time capsule which we will open in July and look back at our thoughts, feelings and goals as well as our height!


Our topic for the first half term is: 'Hola Mexico!'  Get ready to explore this unique country, from its towering temples and stunning geography to its pulsing rhythms and fun festivals. We can't wait to discover the mysterious world of the ancient Mayan civilisation. Is your tummy rumbling? We'll be making traditional fruit cocktails and hot chocolate! 


We look forward to working alongside you to have a positive and successful year.

If you have any questions or worries please do not hesitate to contact us via our class email.


More information will follow in our 'Meet the teacher' posted here next week. 


smiley  The Year 6 Team  smiley

'One black dot can be.....'

50 books to read by the time you leave Year 6...