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Monday 24th - Friday 28th June 2019


This week we had the finals of Summerswood's Got Talent and both acts from Year 3 did a fantastic performance and should be proud of themselves as they made us proud! Well done for having the courage to perform in front of a large audience.  Please see the newsletter for the finalists who will be performing at #woodfest.



This week the children have been using their skills of addition and subtraction and applied it to money.  They have first practised adding and subtracting where there is no regrouping needed and then moved on to with regrouping.  Next week, moving on from money, they will be learning about decimals and tenths of numbers.



We have worked on another story (last week we did work on 'Dolphin Boy') by Michael Morpurgo this week  called 'The Sandman and the Turtles' which the children have really enjoyed.  We have read the story together as well as in pairs and answered inference, deduction and literal questions.  We have classified words into their different word classes (adjective, noun, adverb, verb, preposition, conjunction, determiner) and discussed a dilemma a character had.  We've used inverted commas for speech, remembering to use a new line for a new speaker when we wrote a conversation between two characters and we have planned our own ending to the story, which they will write next week.


Thank you for the donations of bottles and unwanted gifts in the past two weeks.  Next week, we ask that you bring in jolly jars or things that could be placed in a jar in exchange for your child having 15 minutes of extra play.

Children have been given their class photo print today - please follow the instructions if you would like a copy.



Tuesday 2nd - children are allowed to come to school wearing red and white to support the Women's England Football team in their Fifa World Cup semi-final.

Thursday 4th - Jolly Jars donations

Friday 5th - #WOODFEST! Please see the newsletter for more information about 'do's/dont's'


Thank you for your continued support! 

Hope you enjoy the beautiful weather over the weekend! :)

The Year 3 team





Science Week

3rd June -7th June 2019

We have had a very busy week and have been exploring different parts of the Science curriculum.


Bug Hunt: Explored the school environment, recorded the names and the habitats of the creatures we found

Gardening: Planted vegetables, flowers and herbs. We planned an investigation to find out what plants need to grow.

Skeleton System: Talked about the purpose of a skeleton and used the scientific names of the bones.

Might muscles: Investigated how our muscle move- contract and relax

Organs: Named the main organs and functions.

Healthy eating: Created menus and discussed main food groups

Light and shadows: Explored why the length of our shadow changes throughout the day.


Opening Morning Activities:

Sticky ice investigating melting and freezing

Quicksand: liquid and solids


Thank you for your continued support


Monday 13th- Friday 17th May



This week the children continued our work on division and looked at regrouping and moved on to division with remainders.



We continued our work on Harry Potter and looked at the features of reports.  We read reports on the Harry Potter Studio Tour and identified the features (see below).  We then read more information in the form of a report and wrote questions for someone else to answer, using the question stems of: Who, What, Where, When, How.  Ask your child if they remember the number of pairs of glasses that Daniel Radcliffe went through during the Harry Potter films, or the number of wands he used.


Features of reports:

  • An eye-catching heading in a large font
  • An introductory paragraph
  • Text split up into paragraphs and each paragraph on a different aspect of the subject
  • Sub-headings for each paragraph
  • Usually written in present tense
  • Pictures of the subject
  • Captions under each picture to explain what is in the picture
  • Diagrams with labels
  • Technical vocabulary in bold, possibly with a glossary at the end


Harry Potter Trip

The children and adults thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour on Friday.  The children had an amazing time looking at the sets and props and were impeccably well behaved in such a huge, busy place.

Thank you to the parent helpers and staff who accompanied us.


Reminders for w/c 20th May

Million Jumps for Jake - children to bring £1 (or more) towards the charity we are raising money for - more information on the newsletter. Children come to school in uniform.


Please ensure that children have their PE kits in school and bring a water bottle to school.


Thank you for your continued support

Year 3 Team

Tuesday 7th - Friday 10th May 2019


In English, we have started ourt work on Harry Potter and the Philosphers Stone. We have been writing letters and looking at how conjunctions can extend our writing and in Maths we are learning about division- sharing and grouping.


The children are very excited about our school trip that is coming up. Here are a few reminders about the trip-

Children are to wear their uniform and sensible shoes.

Lunch in  a plastic bag that they can be recycled afterwards  The children will be carrying their lunch.

We will return to school at 3.45pm.


Thank you for your continued support

Year 3 team



Tuesday 23rd - Friday 26th April 2019


Welcome back!

We hope that you had a lovely, restful Easter break!

The children have made a great start to the summer term.


On Tuesday we celebrated British Values Day as well as St George's Day and the children looked great in red, white and blue!  We discussed what the British Values were and how we adhere to these at Summerswood.  We had class debates, role-played scenarios around the values and created booklets around what it means to be British.

British Values


Individual Liberty

Rule of Law

Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith



In maths we have begun to work on the formal written method for multiplication (short multiplication).  We firstly partitioned/regrouped the 2-digit numbers into tens and ones before multiplying each by a single digit.

We looked at regrouping tens and ones when there are more than 90 or 9.  We set out numbers correctly in the place value columns.


We have been focusing on geography and science this week also.



  • The new homework grid has been given to the children today.  It is due back on the 29th May.
  • Children to have their PE kit in school 
  • Children to bring a water bottle to school
  • Coats/jackets to be brought to school



Formal Multiplication method

Formal Multiplication method 1

Homework Grid Summer 2019 Year 3

Monday 1st April - Friday 5th April 2019


In Maths we have working on multiplying numbers by ten and how to use prior knowledge to work out answers.

If we know 4x2 = 8 then 40 x2 = 80

We have worked out the answers using dienes and a place value chart.

We have regrouped ten ones into a ten and 10 tens into 100.


In English we have continued our work on Poetry by writing  a Kenning.

 Kennings are riddles using only a noun- verb phrase or an adjective - verb phrase.

Who is this?

Party- playing

Lovely- singing

Expert- writing

Artistic - drawing

Fun- baking


Thank you for your support this term.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday full of fun and rest.

Happy Easter!


Useful Websites







Holiday Ideas

Go to the library

Read Harry Potter

Play games

Go for a walk

Have a picnic with friends


Complete a random act of kindness for a member of your family



Monday 25th -29th March 2019

This week we have used our fraction knowledge to solve problems involving ordering and comparing, adding and subtracting.  We have used bar models to help us to use the information we know from the problem to find the missing information.

E.g. Amy has 18 sweets and Sarah has 12 sweets. 

Amy eats 1/3 of her sweets.

Sarah is allowed to eat the same number of sweets.

What fraction of her sweets can she eat?


In English we have started a poetry unit on Haikus - a poem style that originated from Japan and usually has the theme of nature or seasons.  They have a structure of 3 lines and each line has a different number of syllables (5-7-5). 

Eg. Green and speckled legs, (5)
Hop on logs and lily pads (7)
Splash in cool water. (5)


The children have been extremely excited to be able to visit the chicks we have in school (as have the staff!)


Well done to 3Rowling for getting 100% attendance last week, they are allowed to come to school in non-uniform on Monday as a reward.


Thank you for all the homework that has been brought in!  It looks like a lot of time and effort has been put into it


Reminder - next Tuesday is the last swimming session for year 3.


Monday 18th March - Friday 22nd March 2019


This week we have completed our work on play scripts. We wrote stage directions for Jack and the Beanstalk. We have discovered how to use brackets and added to our knowledge of adverbs and looked at synonyms for the following words- happy , said and sad.

In our work on fractions we have added and subtracted them. We remembered to keep the denominator the same.

In Science we have started our topic on plants and have discussed the life cycle of an apple tree.

Spellings this week include learning how to use an apostrophe to contract a word and to understand the difference between to.too and two.

Thank you for your continued support.

Year 3


 Monday 11th March- Friday 15th March


In Maths this week we have continued our work on fractions. We have been looking at equivalent fractions as well as adding and subtracting fractions.


In English, we have begun a unit on play scripts.  We have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk and have acted out scenes, hot seated characters and begun to plan our own play scripts based on the story.


Thank you for attending the 'Words in the Wood' exhibition of the work that the children in year 3 and the other year groups have completed.  The work will be on display in The Metro Bank in Borehamwood Shopping park from Thursday 21st-Sunday 24th March, along with the work done by other schools who have taken part in the project.


Thank you for the donations for Red Nose Day and the effort put into 'Crazy hair day'.


Thank you for your continued support.

Year 3

Monday 4th March- Friday 8th March

What a fantastic and exciting second week back we’ve had!  In English this week we continued looking at Nick Butterworth’s book ‘The Whisperer’. We have written diary entries from the perspective of different characters in the book. It was great fun being Old Tom or One- Eyed Flossie. We were lucky enough to meet Nick Butterworth on Friday; he came to school to tell us all about 'The Whisperer' and what it is like to be an author.  It was a real pleasure to listen to Nick read and to discuss the message of the story being kind.

In Maths this week we have continued our work on fractions. We have been comparing them and ordering them.

Thank you all so much for your support with World Book Day..... The children all looked fantastic and really enjoyed dressing up!  We shared books with 5 Obama. All the children read beautifully and asked appropriate questions.


Thank you for your continued support.

Year 3

Monday 25th February - Friday 1st March 2019


Welcome back!  We hope you had a lovely, relaxing half term break.



We have begun learning about fractions.  The children have recapped on learning from year 2 and the fractions: 1/2, 1/4, 1/3.  We have been able to identify unit fractions (where the numerator is 1) and non-unit fractions (where the numerator is more than 1).  They have created and written fractions e.g 2/7 - 2 squares shaded out of 7.

They have worked hard to find fractions of amounts.  At home, on Maths Whizz, the children could chose fractions from the topic bank to practice.  Here is a website with fraction games for year 3:  




We have begun our work on 'The Whisperer' by Nick Butterworth, as part of 'Whisper in the Wood' English project.  We have read the story, acted out key scenes, written speeches and summarised the story in our own words.  We will be creating a variety of work around this book with our work being displayed in the Metro Bank (please see the newsletter for more information on dates).



-Please bring a water bottle to school

-Ensure that PE kits are in school 

-Harry Potter World trip money and consent forms to be handed in 

-Homework to be handed in by Friday 29th March (in 4 Weeks)

-Thursday 7th March - World Book Day - children to dress up as their favourite book character


Thank you for your continued support

The Year 3 team

Monday 11th February - Friday 15th February 2019


This week year 3 have enjoyed 'Feeling Good Week' where we were able to come to school wearing something that makes us happy on Monday, on Tuesday we could wear slippers and yesterday we had to drop everything we were doing and dance when the music came over the loudspeaker.  We have thought how to look after ourselves (self-love) and created lovely work on this theme.



This week the children have worked hard on embedding their multiplication and division knowledge with word problems.  They have looked at a variety of strategies such as working out what information you do know and what information you need to obtain to get the answer.  We have looked at the language used to decipher whether we needed to multiply or divide. The children have used bar models to help to visualise and work the answers out.  



The children continued to work on their newspaper articles based on Treasure Island, ensuring that they included all the features we have looked at.


Well done Pankhurst on a great assembly  - thank you to all the parents who came to watch!


Thank you for your continued support!

We hope that you have a restful half term break!


Half term activities

Maths Whizz

Practising times table facts and their related division facts (children to know them in any order given x2, x3, x4, x5, x8 & x10)

Practise spellings

Go for a walk

Have a lie in

Watch a family movie

Relax! :)


Monday 4th February 2019- Friday 8th February 2019


This week we have had the opportunity to put the E Safety skills into practice.  We looked at different Search engines and how to use them safely and what to do if a problem occurs


We created posters to show our knowledge.


The Kidsmart has lots of information about staying safe on line.



In Maths we completed work on Bar Charts and Pictograms.



Thank you to all everyone who attended 3R's Assembly - they did a brilliant job.


Thank you for your continued support

Year 3


Monday 28th January - Friday 1st February 2019

Yet another busy week in year 3.  We were lucky to have the opportunity to take part in a workshop on E-safety where the children explored different ways to keep their passwords more secure as well as what to do if something happens online that they are not happy about: Stop, Block, Report, Tell an adult.  Some children acted out scenarios of people being unkind  online and rehearsed the Stop/Block/Report/Tell an Adult things they could do.

On Friday, we had lots of fun in the snow, making igloos, snowmen and snow angels!



This week we have looked at the features of a newspaper and have begun to plan our own newspaper article about the treasure being stolen on Treasure Island.

Features of a newspaper article: 

Eye-catching headline

First paragraph tells reader 5W's

Main body - the rest of the story in more detail

Quotes - from eye-witnesses

Reported and direct speech



In maths this week we have looked at data handling/statistics.  We have looked at bar charts and how to interpret them as well as pictograms.  We have discussed similarities and differences between different graphs with the same data and answered questions about the data they show.  The children also drew their own pictograms from data given and used these to answer multi-step problems.

Monday 21st - Friday 28th January 2019

Another busy week in Year 3.

This week we have been writing and editing our own adventure stories. We have used interesting sentence starters, subordinating conjunctions and expanded noun phrases.

Multiplication  (repeated addition) and division (repeated subtraction) has been the focus this week in Maths. We have used our knowledge of time tables to work out division facts. 

In Science we looked at magnets and had great fun sorting out magnetic and non magnetic objects.


PE Reminder

Due to the cold conditions children are required to be prepared for both indoor and outdoor activities.

  • White PE t-shirt
  • Navy blue, black or grey jogging bottoms (outdoor PE)
  • Plain navy blue, black shorts (indoor PE)
  • Socks. Please note tights are not allowed so if your child is wearing tights in school they must have a different pair of socks for PE
  • Trainers – Please ensures these are different from school shoes
  • Black plimsolls (KS1)If the coach decides to work outside children should have a tracksuit to wear
  • Depending upon the outside activity and how cold the conditions are, the coach will inform the children if they are allowed to wear hats and gloves. Please note hats would not be allowed if they have floppy parts or anything around the neck
  • Outside coats are not allowed
  • No items, such as scarves are allowed to be worn around the neck.


Thank you for your continued support. Have a lovely weekend.

Year 3

Working Walls


Monday 14th- Friday 18th January 2019

In English this week we have been sequencing the story Treasure Island and retelling it. 

We have developed our writing skills to include

 first and 3rd person

inverted commas


simple sentences

complex sentences



In Maths we have been completed work on repeated addition and multiplication.

We have had great fun dividing the children into groups to help with our division skills.


Topic work this week has included learning about maps and coordinates and in Science we are learning about forces.


We had great fun on Tuesday watching the visiting gymnast Laura Mitchell.

A big thank you to everyone who brought in sponsorship, which will help  support Laura and other young athletes as they begin their careers.







Thank you for your continued support

Year 3


Monday 7th January - Friday 11th January 2019


Welcome back & Happy New Year!

The children have made a great start to 2019!  The year 3 staff would like to thank you and the children very much for the gifts and cards that we received smiley



This week the children have worked really hard on learning geometry terms such as: polygon, angles, obtuse, acute, right-angle and vertices.  They have learnt about angles as a measure of turn and that an angle greater than a right angle is called obtuse and an angle less than a right angle is called acute (ahh - cute).


They have created polygons (a 2D shape with 3 or more straight lines that meet to create a vertex) on geoboards with elastic bands and understood the correlation between the number of sides, angles and vertices. 


The children classified polygons according to their properties (all angles equal/all sides the same length) and learnt about regular and irregular polygons.


There are some links below to some good websites for the children to practice their learning.  In addition, on Maths Whizz, the children are able to pick a topic to work on, so this week they could practice what they have 


Next week we will be moving on to multiplication.



This week we have started to read the book Treasure Island and the children have really enjoyed it.  When reading we have used expression and observed the punctuation including inverted commas and exclamation marks. We have completed a session on echo reading to improve our fluency.


We have found time conjunctions, co-ordinating conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions. So, now we are able to identify simple and complex sentences.

We have discussed and described the characters. We have made inferences about the characters due to their actions and behaviour.  We have discussed key events – opening, build up, problems, climax , resolution and ending. We have had great fun role playing key scenes.



This week the children will be receiving their new homework grids.  This is due back in by Friday 8th February 2019.  The children are to complete at least 4 pieces off the grid and one of these must be Maths Whizz.  The children should be spending a minimum of 45-60 minutes on Maths Whizz (including the time they are given in school) to be able to make as many progressions as possible and further their learning.

Reading also forms part of the homework and we ask that you read with your child for 10-15 minutes every day.


Next week

  • There is a GB gymnast coming to visit school on Tuesday - please could you ensure that the sponsor form and monies collected are in school by the morning of Tuesday.
  • E-Safety week  


Spring 1 Homework Grid (due back in by Friday 8th February 2019)

Monday 17th December- Friday 21st December 2018


In English we completed our work on Ug and had sessions on phonics and grammar such as fronted adverbials and adverbs and in Maths we used bar modelling to answer addition and subtraction questions.

This week we have participated in Christmas activities-

We used our mathematical and drawing skills to make our Christmas hats and Christmas cards.



 We really enjoyed our Christmas lunch. A bit Thank you to the lunch staff for sharing a wonderful meal with us.

Thank you for returning  the homework. The folders demonstrate the children's hard work over the term.


Thank you for all your support this year.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday 7th January 2019.

Year 3


Christmas Activities

Play a board game with your family.

Relax and watch a Christmas film.

Have a pyjama day and read your favourite books.

Bake some cup cakes or biscuits for your family.

Monday 10th December- Friday 14th December 2018


The children had great fun this week baking fairy cakes and gingerbread biscuits. A huge thank you to Mrs. Nimal and Mrs.Russell who made this possible.

In English we continued our work on Ugg focussing on fronted adverbials and adjectives and in Maths  we completed our topic on subtraction. 

The children enjoyed the Key Stage 1 Christmas Play Straw and Order. A good time was had by all.


No spellings this week. We will send some out next week for the holidays.

Thank you for your continued support and co-operation.

Year 3

Monday 3rd December - Friday 7th December



This week the children have worked hard on learning the formal method of subtraction.  They have been exchanging a ten for 10 ones when they haven't had enough to complete the subtraction.

The children have been drawing out the starting number in dienes to help them complete the subtractions and understand why they are crossing out the digit in the tens and 'carrying' it over to the ones.  See the link below for an example of what the children have been doing.



This week the children have begun to read a book called 'Ug' by Raymond Briggs, which is about a boy who has lots of ideas in the Stone Age, but they don't quite work out.

We have been freeze-framing the story, retelling parts of the story and describing characters using adjectives and adverbs.



On Wednesday, the children enjoyed the Aladdin Panto performed by two actors - there was lots of joining in with 'It's behind you!', 'Oh no it isn't, Oh yes it is!".


Christmas Fair

Please join us tomorrow (Saturday 8th December) for lots of Christmas fun and stalls. 

It's 12-3pm, entrance is through the Furzehill gate.


Thank you for your continued support!

Have a lovely weekend!

The year 3 staff smiley

Monday 26th- Wednesday 27th November 2018


This week has been a short but busy week.

We have had fun making models of Stonehenge, writing an advertisement about a stone age dwelling and finding out about the Stone Age village Skara Brae. 

In Maths we completed the topic on formal written addition methods and in Science we looked at how soil is formed.



Have a lovely long weekend and thank you for your continued support.

Year 3

Monday 19th November - Friday 23rd November


Road Safety Week


The children have completed several activities this week on Road Safety such as creating Road Safety Posters and  designing helmets for cyclists.

Thank you to all of you for participating in our positive parking initiative.



This week we have completed persuasive letters answering the question: 

Should be a tunnel under Stonehenge?

The children have included 

opening sentences to hook the reader

 reasons that support their view.

formal and polite language.



a conclusion to summarise



We have stated the column addition.

Look at the working wall photographs to see what we have been doing




Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school each week and their swimming kit.

Reminder about PE kit:

Plain white T-shirt

Tracksuit top

Tracksuit bottoms




As the cold weather is upon us all children need a warm coat  in school.


Thank you for your continued support .

Year 3



Working Walls

Monday 12th- Friday 16th November 2018.


The children have had a busy week during Anti-bullying Week

This year's focus/theme was on Respect. The children have talked about what this means and what it looks like at play times, in class and outside of school.

We've looked at the definition of bullying and the different forms it can take.

The children completed acrostic poems about what respect means as well as friendship hands/spells for what makes a good friend.


In Maths we have used the inverse operation to create fact families and use this to check our answers.  We've also looked at bar modelling as a strategy for addition and subtraction - see the link below for an explanation of how this is used.


In English we have looked at the features of a persuasive text and we will be writing our own persuasive letters next week, ensuring that we have included the features we've identified.


On Wednesday it was Diabetes awareness day and we heard from a child who has the condition and learnt about which part of the body it affects as well as what he has to do to control it.  We learnt that diabetes does not stop people from living a normal, healthy life.


On Thursday the children took part in the NSPCC Speak Out, Stay Safe assembly and met volunteers from NSPCC who spoke to the children about speaking to trusted adults and reasons why a child may feel sad, worried or anxious and need someone to talk to.


Today the children all looked fabulous in their onesie's and pyjamas!  Thank you for all your donations - it is much appreciated.


Next week is Road Safety week.


Thank you for your continued support.

Year 3


Monday 5th- Friday 9th November 2018.

Welcome back to school everyone.


We hope you all feel rested after the break.


The children have had a busy week back.

In English and Topic work we have been learning about Stonehenge and debating whether a tunnel should be built. We have listed arguments for and against and have used persuasive sentence starters (It is clear that, I strongly believe, There is no doubt that) in our debate.

We have written our own opinion on the topic using conjunctions.

Use the following links to find out more about the topic.




In Maths we have used different strategies to subtract.

 72-44= 28

you could use

  place value tens and ones


number line


To subtract 9:  Compensation  add 10 and subtract 1



(it is quicker to subtract a multiple of 10)



Thnak you for attending Parents' Evening this week.

It was great to speak to you about your child's progress this year.

Thank you for your continued support.

Year 3



22nd-26th October

Thank you to all the parents/carers who came to the year 3 open morning and for taking part in the harvest activities. We have had some excellent homework brought in!


This week the children have been looking at free-verse poetry  and the work of writer Kit Wright., ('The Magic Box' and 'Charlotte's Dog') We've looked at poetic features such as alliteration and similes as well as prepositional phrases used in the poems.  We were also able to identify expanded noun phrases that the poets had chosen.


In maths we have been concentrating on subtraction, looking at why it is not commutative and have subtracted without regrouping (exchanging) as well as having to regroup to be able to subtract when there are not enough hundreds/tens/ones to do the subtraction.


The children have worked really hard this half term - thank you! smileyno

We hope that you have a great half term break and enjoy your time off.  Below are a few ideas of some activities you could do together


  • Visit a library
  • Visit a museum
  • Pumpkin carving (Aldenham Park are running a pumpkin carving activity currently)
  • Collect leaves to create an Autumn picture
  • Practice reading scales with some baking of halloween themed biscuits


Here is a link to a website which has more activites that can be done in and around London: 




We hope you have a fantastic half term break!smiley

See you on the 5th November


(3P have a non-uniform day on the 5th November for 100% attendance last week - well done!)



15th October- 19th October

A big THANK YOU to everyone for bringing in their homework today.

We appreciate the effort and hard work that has gone into the folders and the incredible art work.

Photographs to follow!

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday (9.00-9.30) for our Open Morning when you will be able to complete an activity with your child.


This week in English we completed our explanation text : How to make a fire.

We had great fun creating actions that went with the text. We revisited causal conjunctions, adverbs of time and expanded noun phrases.

In Maths we looked at different methods of addition- regrouping, compensation and place value and have started looking at subtraction.

In Science we investigated which rocks were hard wearing and which rocks eroded easily. We are looking forward to our next investigation.


Today Year 3 participated in a Dance Workshop led by Thabani- which was very energetic.

A big thank you to Thabani for a  fun filled workshop.


Have a lovely weekend and thank you for your continued support.

Year 3


Homework 1
Homework 2

8th - 12th October


Another busy week in year 3!   In English we've been learning about how to write in the present tense and changing past tense verbs into the present tense, as this is one of the features of an explanation text.  Also, we've learnt what causal conjunctions are (so, hence, therefore, as a result, because, consequently, as) and used them to write explanation sentences.  We have used the structure of explanations to help us to order examples of explanation texts as well as being able to identify the second person (you, your, yours, yourself).  We are gearing up to writing our own explanation texts linked to the stone age.


In maths, we have been looking at addition and building, on THINK 10 to using number facts and number bonds to help us to add a group of numbers mentally.  We have discussed how addition can be done in any order and to look for number bonds to 10, 20  etc to to make the addition quicker and easier.




Next week there are individual school photos on Monday 15th October for year 3.

Homework - due in by Friday 19th October.


Thank you for your continued support!

Have a lovely weekend!smiley

The year 3 team


1st-5th October 

In Maths this week, we have had a busy THINK 10 week. We have been using our number bonds to 10 to help us add numbers together.



10+3= 13






In English we our learning about explanation texts. Explanation texts tell us how or why something works and has many features-

a title, an opening statement, clear sequence, present tense, 2nd person

We will be exploring these features over the coming week.


In Science we have explored different types of rocks - granite, chalk, sandstone, marble and limestone. We have also made sedimentary rocks using soil, sand, water and chocolate chips.

Thank you for your continued support and have a lovely weekend.

The Year 3 Team

Week 24th - 28th September 2018


In English we have continued with Boy by James Mayhew. We have planned our own version of the what happens in the middle of the story and ending and written these up.  We have continued to include expanded noun phrases, inverted commas for speech as well as correctly punctuating our work.  Next week we are going to plan and write our own version of Boy before moving on to looking at explanation texts and their features.


In Maths we have have been looking at measures and had practical experience of measuring in mm, cm and m using rulers, measuring tapes and metre sticks.  We also looked at weighing scales and the intervals between the markers.  We know that there are 10mm in 1cm, 100cm in 1m and 1000cm in 1 km.


We have enjoyed using Maths Whizz this week and we had a great time in our Stone Age workshop.

The children looked great in their costumes and we practised being cavemen, foraging and gathering our food (berries) as well as recreating our own cave paintings.


The children had a whistle-stop tour of the stone age in the workshop and acted out key events that happened, such as being able to communicate.  The children had a fantastic time, as did the adults!


Thank you for your continued support!

Have a lovely weekend!

Week 17th- 21st September 2018

In English we have continued with Boy by James Mayhew. We can recognise inverted commas when reading and our using them in our writing. We have begun to change the characters in the story.


In Maths we have have been counting in 100s.10s and 1s.

We can subject 10 from a three digit number when using dienes by regrounping  a 100 chianging it into tens.


We have enjoyed using Maths Whizz this week and we are looking forward to our workshop next week.

Week 10th- 14th September 2018

Welcome to Year 3's class page. We hope you find the information useful. Any questions please come and speak to us.

In English this week we have been reading Boy by James Mayhew. We have acted out the story, talked about alternative words for said (agreed, whispered, shouted) and expanded noun phrases eg the friendly woolly mammoth. We have started retelling the story.

In Maths we have been counting in 1s, 10s and 100s. We have been making two and three digit numbers with equipment and then ordering them.


Have a lovely weekend.