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week beginning 17.6.19

Assembly and Play & Stay

First we want to say a BIG 'Well Done!' to all the Nursery children for how the performed in their assembly.  They were absolutely fabulous and all of the adults are extremely proud of how they behaved, spoke their lines and sang their songs.  The children really did show us how much they have learnt and grown over the year and that they are now ready for reception.

Thank you to all the parents who came along to the Play and Stay after.  We hope you enjoyed having a peek at what PAL time in nursery is like.  Thank you for all the positive feedback you gave on the forms.


Walk to School Week

We have been doing tally charts during the week about how we travel to school.  It has been lovely seeing some of you join in our 'walking bus' on your way to school.  We have also spoken to the children about the benefits of walking or scooting to school.

Here is what they had to say - 

It gives you exercise (Alessia)

It gives your brain exercise (Joe)

It makes you healthy (Haydn)

It makes out legs strong (Elizabet)

It gives you fresh air for your lungs (Ziva)

It makes your heart beat (Freya)

You see lots of things (Tegan)

To keep us healthy (Polly)

To use up energy (Siofra)

If you scoot you have to wear a helmet (Henry)

A helmet keeps you safe (Freddie)

If you wear welly boots you can jump in puddles (Victor)

If you go to any good parks or open spaces near by please can you let us know as we are trying to compile a list to send out to all parents.



Phonics of the week

We have learnt the sound 'u'

It was hard to think of words starting with the 'u' sound, but there were lots of words with 'u' in the middle.   cut, mum, mug, sun, run, 

We tried sounding them out and reading them.


We hope you have a lovely long weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday.




week beginning 10.6.19

Dear Zoo

This week we have been reading Dear Zoo and started talking about our trip to the zoo on Thursday 4th July (please ensure that you have paid and handed in the consent forms if you would like your child to attend).

We have been talking about the different animals and looking at their patterns.  We have sorted animals into different groups, used our language and vocabulary to describe the animals and wrote our own version of Dear Zoo book.

We have also been very busy practicing for our assembly which is next Wednesday at 9am.  Please come and watch and then join us for play and stay afterwards.  


This weeks phonics is - 

we made tea cakes, which were delicious!

we also thought of lots of words starting with 't', such as tap, top, tomato, teeth, toes, ten.

Some of our children are getting so good at recognising their letters that they are starting to blend simple CVC words!


We hope you all got the letters telling you about transition into Reception.

The reception meeting for parents is on Thursday 27th June.

The children will be meeting their new teachers and going into their classroom on Thursday 11th July.


wk beginning 3.6.19

Science Week

Firstly we hope you all had a great half term, thank you to everyone who have updated onto Tapestry what you did during that week.  The children love to share with the rest of the class what they got up to.



We started Science Week with a bang when we went to see an Extreme BMX rider do some amazing stunts.  He  spoke about how to keep healthy and also how a bike works.  


Through out the week did lots of science things especially focusing on solids and liquids.  The children had to predict what would happen and then adapt their thinking once they had tried it.  Some of the questions we asked were -

Is cornflour mixture a solid or a liquid?  Can you balance a coin onto a floating lemon?  What happens to the chocolate when you make chocolate crispies? What happens to raisins when you put it in Lemonade?

There will be more information about some of the things we did on Tapestry observations but please ask your child some of the above questions and see how they answer.


What fun science things can you do at home?

Here is a link of some things you could do at home with your child.


We would love to see anything you do on Tapestry.


This week we also had a talk from Ihsaan's mum about Ramadan and EId.  It was a really interesting and informative talk all about what they do to celebrate this special time.  All the children enjoyed it, especially the sweets at the end!


To finish the week we all dressed up as pop stars.  The children all looked amazing and we hope that some of them will turn up to join the Summerswood float for the Borehamwood carnival on Saturday 15th June. 





Phonics of the week

S for snake, sun, sit, 




We have also been very busy practicing and getting ready for our assembly.  We look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 19th June at 9:00 followed by play and stay.


week beginning 20.5.19

Ahoy There Pirates!

The children have loved being Pirates this week.  We have - 

  • made treasure maps to improve our cutting and fine motor skills
  • made and deigned our own telescopes and used them to play eye-spy,
  • hunted for treasure in the sand pit with magnets,
  • looked at which materials float or sink so we can make our own boats,
  • played the pirate game to see how good we were at listening and following instruction
  • we also read 'Pirates Love Underpants' which we thought was very funny!


The children have also been doing lots of jumping for Jake.  
For our Physi-gym every day we did some straight jumps, star jumps, twist jumps, hopping and frog jumps. 
During PAL time there were lots of jumping activities set up for the children to try. The children were jumping through hoops (literally!!), jumping over blocks, jumping off a platform, hop scotch, long jump, skipping and jumping from log to log. 
The children showed excellent skill and confidence in trying a range of different jumps. 
Thank you to everyone who donated money for this charity.


Letter of the week

We learnt the song and action for the letter 'r' and thought of lots of words beginning with that letter

rain                             rat

rainbow                      robot

railing                         rocket

red                             ring

rug                              rip


There has been a slight change to the cost of the trip to Paradise Wildlife Park, a new letter has been sent out to you.  A copy of the letter is also at the top of this webpage for more information.

Please return the slip and £20 in a named enevelope after half term.


We hope that you all have a lovely half term and look forward to seeing you on Monday 3rd June in non-uniform in exchange for the £5 donation (if you haven't already)



week beginning 13.5.10

Peter Pan and Pirates

Letter of the week

This week we have been learning about the letter 'p' and having lots of fun.  We read the story of Peter Pan and were very lucky that on Wednesday Peter Pan came to visit us.  We had to help him find the treasure which Captain Hook had hidden.  The children listened amazingly and followed the instructions.



During PAL time the children made treasure maps and had to find the treasure, they walked the plank to see how good their balance was and played a pirate pop up game.



Thursday 23rd May - NO Nursery due to European Elections

Monday 27th - Friday 31st May HALF TERM

Monday 3rd June - Non-uniform day

Wednesday 19th June - Nursery assembly  followed by Play and Stay

Friday 21st June - INSET day for staff training

Thursday 4th July - Nursery Trip to Paradise Wildlife Park

(Letter was sent out on Friday with more information)

Tuesday 23rd July - Last day of nursery


week beginning 6.5.19


We hope you all enjoyed your lovely long weekend.

This week we have continued talking about 'People Who Help Us' and who we can turn to if we have a problem.  There was lots of good discussion within our key groups.


Letter of the Week 
This week we have learnt the letter 'O'.  The main words were 'on' and 'off'.  This led us to learning about opposites.  We learnt lots of different pairs of opposite words, the children were able to match words on the whiteboard and play games with it.

We also made some Oat cookies this week and we made them into the shape of an 'O'.  We enjoyed eating them at snack time on Friday, they were delicious.


Ask your child if they can say any pairs of opposite words.  How many can you think of as a family.  

Please share any of your findings on tapestry with us.


Thursday 23rd May - Nursery closed for European Elections

Monday 27th - Friday 31st - No Nursery as it is Half term

Monday 3rd June - Non-uniform Day in exchange for £5 Voluntary Contribution

(thank you to those who have already given there £5)

Wednesday 19th June - Nursery Assembly, followed by Play and Stay in Nursery

Friday 21st June - No Nursery as staff INSET day

Tuesday 23rd July - Last Day of Nursery 


If you have any kitchen rolls, nursery would greatly appreciate them and take them off your hands!






Oat Cakes

Oat Cakes 1
Oat Cakes 2
Oat Cakes 3
Oat Cakes 4
Oat Cakes 5
Oat Cakes 6
Oat Cakes 7
Oat Cakes 8
Oat Cakes 9
Oat Cakes 10
Oat Cakes 11
Oat Cakes 12
Oat Cakes 13
Oat Cakes 14
Oat Cakes 15
Oat Cakes 16
Oat Cakes 17
Oat Cakes 18
Oat Cakes 19
Oat Cakes 20
Oat Cakes 21
Oat Cakes 22
Oat Cakes 23
Oat Cakes 24
Oat Cakes 25
Oat Cakes 26
Oat Cakes 27
Oat Cakes 28
Oat Cakes 29
Oat Cakes 30
Oat Cakes 31
Oat Cakes 32
Oat Cakes 33

Sum1 week 2

A short but exciting week

We started this week by going to the library and Mrs Storms read us a fact book all about Ambulance and Paramedics because we have been learning about People Who Help Us.

We then had a visit from two Police Officers who told us all about their jobs.  They were really friendly and were able to answer all the questions we wanted to ask them.  They even let us try on their jackets and listen to their walkie-talkie.

Then the firemen came in to talk to us.  They told us about how they help to save lives and how we can be safe at home too.  They let us climb into their fire engine and we could squirt the hose too.

What a busy and fun week it has been.

We hope you have a lovely long weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

Summer 1 week 1

People Who Help Us!


Welcome back to the last term of nursery!  We hope you all had a lovely break and ready to come back for the last term ready to learn and have lots of fun.  If you did anything great with your child please upload it onto Tapestry so that we can share it with the class and give another opportunity for the children to talk and share what they have done.


It was lovely seeing all the children back at school on Tuesday wearing red, white and blue for British Values day.  We spoke about why we were wearing these colours and how it was to do with the British flag, called the Union Jack.  We looked at pictures of the Queen and spoke about her job being the figure head of Britain.  We all made crowns using blue, white and red materials and paint. (See photos below)

Finally we all enjoyed making scones.  We hope you enjoyed eating them at home with some English Tea!


This also linked well into our topic of the next few weeks all about People Who Help Us.  We spoke about what the Queen does to help the British people and then we looked at the police and how they protect the Queen and the people who live in Britain to make sure that they are all safe and doing the right thing.  The children have had a great time making police badges and playing in the police role play area.

We are very excited as on Monday a police Officer will be coming in to talk to us about their job.  We have thought of a list of questions we can ask them.


Phonics this week

We are working hard on children hearing the sounds in words.  We are using our 'Metal Mike' voice to sound out words eg cat is 'c-a-t'.

The children also have to find a picture of a word beginning with a specific sound.

Please continue to do this at home with your child as it will help them to blend for reading and writing next year.


Next week is a short week - only Mon, Tues and Wed.  The children are off school on the Thursday, Friday and Bank Holiday Monday.  Nursery will start back on Tuesday 7th May.


Thank you to those that have brought in £5 for this term.  This really helps us buy things to enhance your child's learning.


Please bring in any boxes, kitchen rolls, bottle lids into nursery for junk modelling as we are running out!




Crowns and flags for British Values Day

Crowns and flags for British Values Day 1
Crowns and flags for British Values Day 2
Crowns and flags for British Values Day 3
Crowns and flags for British Values Day 4
Crowns and flags for British Values Day 5
Crowns and flags for British Values Day 6
Crowns and flags for British Values Day 7
Crowns and flags for British Values Day 8
Crowns and flags for British Values Day 9

Week Beginning 1.4.19


The last week of term was all about Easter.  We spoke about the story of Easter and how it links in with Christmas and Lent.  We also looked at the different traditions we have to celebrate Easter, including decorating the Easter Egg, going on an Easter Egg hunt and eating lots of Easter Eggs.

The number of the week was 10 and we did lots of counting to and back from 10.  When we took the chicks out of their home we counted them out and then counted them back in again.  We also used this to help us with some number bonds to 10, ie if I put 1 chick back in the box how many are left out?  If there were 5 in the box, how many are left out?

We had an Easter Egg hunt, where the children had to find 10 pieces of dried pasta and then exchange it for a chocolate egg.  Lots of maths language was used to see how many more pieces were needed, or if we had too many what did we have to do.

What maths can you do over the Easter Break?

We hope you all have a great Easter Holiday.

We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 23rd April.



Week Beginning 25.3.19

Lots going on!


This week was a very busy week with lots going on.

On Monday we had Ark Farm come to visit us at nursery.  The children had a great time learning about the different animals and going into the pen to touch them.  The children did lots of great talking about this event. Please see Tapestry for photos of this event.

On Tuesday we went to see some eggs which were in the library. There were 10 eggs placed in an incubator.  We predicted what might happen to them.

On Wednesday we had Stay and Play, thank you to all the parents who came to stay, we hope you enjoyed seeing what your children get up to in nursery.  Please give any feedback onto Tapestry.

Once the parents had left on Wednesday we went to check on the eggs.  But now there were only 7 eggs as 3 had hatched and there were 3 baby chicks.  While we were watching another chick, pipped its way out.  It was amazing to watch!  

On Thursday we spoke about Mothering Sunday and how to make sure our mum's feel special on Sunday.  We made some biscuits to give to our mum's.  Mums, we hope you enjoyed the treat!

Finally on Friday we went to see what had happened to the eggs and chicks.  All the eggs had hatched and we had 10 chicks.  We took them out of there box and we carefully held them.  They felt soft and fluffy.

See Tapestry for photos of the chicks.

Letter of the week

Number of the Week

We have been revising all numbers from 0-10


Next week is the last week, we will be learning all about Easter and doing lots of Easter activities.

We will also be checking on the chicks to see how they are grown.

Last day of nursery is Thursday 4th April.

Nursery starts back Tuesday 23rd April

Week Beginning 18.3.19


We have been learning about Spring this week.  We have looked at what has happened to the flowers and trees to show that Spring is coming.  In our key groups we went on a Spring walk and noticed lots of plants coming up, buds on the trees for the new leaves and also listened to the birds making their nests and coming back from the warm countries.

See what signs of spring you can find when you are out and about this weekend.

We are trying to grow cress in class and it is amazing to see how the seeds are changing so quickly.


We are very much looking forward to the farm arriving on Monday so that we can see the animals, some of which are born in spring time.


Letter of the week

 We made jelly in nursery and enjoyed eating it on Friday with some ice-cream as a special treat!





Number of the week

We have no learnt all the numbers from 1- 10.

The children have practiced counting to 10, using their fingers to show different numbers and also recognising the numbers from 1 - 10.

Next week we will be recapping on all the numbers and seeing if we can match numbers to amounts and vice versa.

Please go over the numbers with your children and go on number hunts when you are out and about.


Monday 25th March - Ark Farm in nursery

Wednesday 27th March - Play and Stay 9-9:45

Thursday 4th April - Last day of nursery

Tuesday 23rd April - Back to nursery for Summer Term

Jelly and ice-cream

Jelly and ice-cream 1
Jelly and ice-cream 2
Jelly and ice-cream 3
Jelly and ice-cream 4

Week Beginning 11.3.18

What the Ladybird Heard

We have had a lovely week.  Our story of the week was 'What the Ladybird Heard' by Julia Donaldson. This book is how the animals make all the wrong sounds to trick some naughty thieves who are trying to steal the 'fine prize cow'.  Click on the link below to hear the song.


We listened to lots of different animal sounds and tried to guess what they were, the children's listening skills were excellent.

We discussed what animals produce and matched the different objects to the correct animals, for example - cows give us milk, hens give us eggs, sheep give us wool.

To promote ICT skills we had to direct a beebot around the farm so that it could visit all of the animals.

We did lots of maths and counting the different spots on a ladybird or making the correct number of spots to match the numbers. 

                   Letter of the week                              Number of the week



Thank you to everyone who came to the parent meetings, we hope you found the useful.  The children's next steps will be uploaded onto Tapestry this weekend.         


Thank you to all the parents who came to see around the Summerswood Exhibition about 'The Whisperer'.  


Thank you to everyone who has brought in their £2 for the Ark Farm.  Please do bring in the £2 and the consent form by Friday 23rd March otherwise your child will be unable to join in.  The letter with the consent form is at the top of this page.


Monday 25th March - Ark Farm in to visit

Wednesday 27th March - Play and Stay 9-9:45

Thursday 4th April - Last Day of Nursery

Friday 5th April - NO Nursery

8th April - 19th April - EASTER HOLIDAYS

Tuesday 23rd April - Start of Summer Term

Week beginning 4.3.19

Book Week

We have been very busy this week doing lots of activities related to our book 'The Whisperer'.  All the work we have done will be displayed in school on Friday 15th March, please come and have a look at it.   More information will follow.

On Tuesday we celebrated Shrove Tuesday, we learnt about Lent and how Christians should try to give something up during this period.  The children came up with some good suggestions of what they might try to eat less of - chocolate, cake, sweets, chips!

We had lots of fun making pancakes and eating them!

(See Tapestry for more photos)

On Thursday the children looked amazing in their costumes.  (see photos below).  The afternoon children got to read with some of the year 2 children, which was lovely.

On Friday, Nick Butterworth came and read us the story of 'Tiger', one of the characters who was introduced in the book 'The Whisperer'.  It was great seeing a real life author!

Number of the week

Letter of the week



Thank you to everyone for signing up to parents evening, we look forward to seeing you next week to let you know how your child has progressed and what we will be focusing on for the next half of the year.


Ark Farm - we are very excited to be having Ark Farm come to nursery on Monday 25th March.  A letter was sent home regarding it.  Please send in your consent form and £2.




Week Beginning 25.2.19

The Whisperer

Welcome back to the second half of Spring Term.  We hope you all had a lovely break.  Thank you to everyone who uploaded what you did during the half term onto Tapestry, the children enjoyed coming up to the front of the class and telling all their friends about it.


This week we started looking at the book 'The Whisperer', which the whole school is using for our book week.  It is about two 'gangs' of cats who don't like each other and always fight until something happens to make them get on.  We have used the theme of cats to do our learning.  We turned the role play area into a vets, and the children have loved looking after all our poorly animals.

We have also learnt about different animals and what their babies are called.  It was hard to match some of them up!


Letter of the week                                                 

                                  Number of the week




Thursday 7th March - World Book Day, dress up as your favourite book character

Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th March - Parents Evening from 3 - 4:30.

Sign up sheets will be available on Monday morning.

Monday 25th March - Farm coming in to visit nursery (more information to follow, please look out for a letter about it)

Wednesday 27th March - Play and Stay 8:50 - 9:30.

Week Beginning 11.2.19

Feel Good Week


The Three Little Pigs


The children have loved the story of the Three Little Pigs, we have build houses with 2D shapes, wooden blocks, lego and junk modelling.  We have experimented to see if the can with stand us 'huffing and puffing' to blow the houses down! The big blocks are definitely the best. 


We all looked amazing in our 'happy' clothes for Feel Good Week and loved wearing slippers.  It was definitely a good challenge for some of the children to be able to take their shoes off and put their slippers on independently and be able to follow instructions of where to put their shoes so that they could find them again.

We have also done some yoga with 'Cosmic Kids Yoga' to help the children feel relaxed and good about themselves.  

As it was Valentines Day we also made cards,practiced writing our names,  spoke about who we love and why.

We hope you all liked your cards.


We ended the week with our Spring Term Disco party.

The children made heart shaped biscuits to eat during the party and we enjoyed the crisps and drinks which the school provided for us.

We had a great time dancing and playing games.


Letter of the week - F f                                           Number of the week - 6



We hope you all have a lovely half term.

Please add anything exciting you do onto Tapestry.

Thank you for all your support this half term and we look forward to seeing you on Monday 25th February.



Week Beginning 4.2.19

Internet Safety Day

Chinese New Year

The Three Billy Goats Gruff


It was a very busy week this week as we had so much to do!


We started the week talking about Internet Safety.  The children were asked if they ever go on 'youtube' and the majority of them said 'YES!'  We spoke about the different devices you can use to watch youtube and we came up with a very long list!  We then spoke about making sure that you only watch things that your parents/carers say you can watch.  If you find something that makes you scared or not feel good then you must tell your parents.

The children then had an opportunity to play on the class ipads, which they all loved! (see photos below)

Please can you go over this message with your children and ensure that what your child is watching is appropriate as it is very easy to move from an innocent video to something which is inappropriate.  At school we have filters to make sure that the children aren't able to access anything which is not suitable.  Check that your devices all have settings to keep your child safe.


On Tuesday we celebrated the start of the Chinese New Year.  We practiced our scissor skills by making lanterns, we improved our mark making skills by trying to write  in Chinese and we tasted lots of Chinese foods.  During carpet session we watched some Chinese Dragons dancing.

We also heard the story of the Chinese New Year and how the years got their names.

(See pictures below)


Throughout the week we have been using the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff to extend our learning.  The children have enjoyed playing in the small world and acting out the story.  They have also been trying to build bridges in the construction area and we have been recapping on positional language.  


Letter of the Week - E e                              Number of the Week - 5


We have read the book 'Green Eggs and Ham' by Dr Seuss.  We spoke about if Egg's really were green.  We then had fun exploring eggs.  We looked at hard boiled eggs and raw eggs.  The children enjoyed tasting both the hard boiled eggs and the scrambled eggs which we made from the raw eggs. 

E-Safety Day

E-Safety Day 1
E-Safety Day 2
E-Safety Day 3
E-Safety Day 4

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 1
Chinese New Year 2
Chinese New Year 3
Chinese New Year 4
Chinese New Year 5
Chinese New Year 6

E for Eggs

E for Eggs 1
E for Eggs 2
E for Eggs 3
E for Eggs 4
E for Eggs 5
E for Eggs 6
E for Eggs 7
E for Eggs 8
E for Eggs 9

Week beginning 28.1.19

Goldilocks and The Three Bears

The children have loved listening, retelling, acting and talking about our story of the week.  There has been lots of great vocabulary and language, including size words being spoken around nursery.  The children tasted porridge on Thursday and an over whelming number of children liked it, some even had more than 1 bowl of it!


Phonics this week - Dd

We have looked at how we form the letter 'd'

Found the letter 'd' in our environment

Thought of words beginning with 'd'

Guessed the 'd' word that was missing from a group of objects.


Ask your child if they can think of any words beginning with 'd'


Number of the week - 4

We have counted lots of objects to see if we can find 4 objects.

We played with the numicon to see what other ways we can make four.

Ask you child if they can clap/jump/nod heads/pat knees four time.


Thank you to those parents who made it through the snow to come and read with their children on Friday.  The children really enjoyed this and we will be continuing this every Friday.


Play and Stay date - Wednesday 27th March from 9-9:40.  Please put this date in your diary.  More information to follow






Reading 1
Reading 2
Reading 3
Reading 4
Reading 5
Reading 6
Reading 7
Reading 8
Reading 9
Reading 10
Reading 11
Reading 12
Reading 13
Reading 14

fun in the snow

fun in the snow 1
fun in the snow 2
fun in the snow 3
fun in the snow 4
fun in the snow 5
fun in the snow 6
fun in the snow 7

Week beginning 21.1.19

Jack and the Beanstalk

There have been lots of strange things going on in nursery this week.  We have found some giant footprints!  We used these to help us measure and use the vocabulary of size.

We have also planted our own beans and spoken about what will happen to them.  

The children have loved listening to the different versions of the story and enjoyed watching this video of it, click on the link below


Jack and the Beanstalk - Debbie and Friends

"Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum," a fun classic tale set to music by Debbie and Friends. Have fun singing and dancing along.

Letter of the Week - C


We made carrot cake which were delicious.

What other words can you think of that begin with a 'c'?


Number of the week - 3

We have done a lot of maths this week and it is great to see how well the children are learning their numbers.


We have looked at the number 3 and seen if we can spot which group of objects has 3 in them.

Try this at home by putting some objects out and asking your child if there are three or not.  




As always we look forward to seeing any Tapestry obs of what your child can do at home.



Each Friday we will be asking parents to come into nursery to sit and read with their child for the first 10 minutes of the day.  Please come and join in with this activity.


Play and Stay date - Wednesday 27th March from 9-9:40.  Please put this date in your diary.  More information to follow

Week beginning 14.1.19


What a magical week this has been.  The children have loved the story of Cinderella and have enjoyed retelling it, acting it out and using vocabulary to describe some of the characters.

During the week we wrote our names on the invitations for Cinderellas ball, we made crowns and decorated them so we could wear them to the ball and made some biscuits.  We also found some lost shoes and had to go around the school to see whose feet they would fit so that we could invite Cinderella to the ball.  See below the photos of the adults desperately trying to fit into the shoe so that they could come to the ball.

Friday was the day of Cinderella's Ball.  We had a magical time and Elsa came to visit.  Unfortunately Cinderella couldn't come as she was away on holiday with Prince Charming but Elsa was delighted to attend and meet all the children.


Letter of the week - B b

 We learnt the letter B b

We made butterfly biscuits for the ball

and did the magic spell Bibbity Bobbity Boo! just like the spell the Fairy Godmother made in the story.


Number of the week - 2

We learnt about the number 2 this week.  We used different fingers to show the different ways we can make 2.

We practiced writing the number, counting 2 objects, finding the number in our environment.





Cinderella's Ball

Cinderella's Ball 1
Cinderella's Ball 2
Cinderella's Ball 3
Cinderella's Ball 4
Cinderella's Ball 5
Cinderella's Ball 6
Cinderella's Ball 7
Cinderella's Ball 8
Cinderella's Ball 9
Cinderella's Ball 10
Cinderella's Ball 11
Cinderella's Ball 12
Cinderella's Ball 13
Cinderella's Ball 14
Cinderella's Ball 15

week beginning 7.1.19

Winter and Frozen

Welcome back! 

We hope that you all had a great Christmas holiday and a good New Year.


This week we have been learning all about winter and what happens during this season.  We spoke about how the weather gets colder, the days get shorter and that some of the animals hibernate.  


In our key groups we sorted clothes into winter clothes and summer clothes.  We discussed why some clothes were better for winter and why some were better for summer.

We also experimented with ice.  We predicted which ice cube would melt quickest, the one with salt, hot water or just left alone.  The children made some good predictions and then we went back throughout the morning to see what was happening.  The ice cube with the hot water melted first, next was the one with salt and the ice cube which was left took the longest.

The children had lots of fun playing with the ice cubes in the water tray and watching them melt.


The children were fascinated about the animals hibernating and sleeping for so long.  We did an experiment to see how the animals (bears) keep warm when they are hibernating.  We filled up 3 hot water bottles with hot water.  We covered one with feathers/leaves, one we left with nothing and the third was wrapped in a furry cover.  The children predicted which one would stay hot the best.  Just before lunch we tested them and we found out that the one with nothing on got cold but the other two stayed hot.  The bears which hibernate have war furry coats and cover themselves with leaves to keep them warm while they sleep through the winter months.


Letter of the week

Image result for jolly phonics a

We have looked at the letter 'a' and practiced drawing it.  We have also tried to find it on the board and think of words which start with that sound.

Please click on this link to listen to the song that we have learnt to help us learn the letter sound.



Number of the week

We have practiced writing one, recognising one, using our fingers to show one in different ways, finding one object.  Go on a number hunt when you are out walking to see how many 1's you can see.


Thank you if you have brought in your £5.  This money really helps us to ensure your child has lots of fun and engaging activities to enhance their learning.  If you have not done so, please can you hand it in.



Week Beginning 17.12.18

End of Term!

What a very busy week we have had!  We have been getting ready for our Christmas party by making cakes and sandwiches.  We did a tally chart to see which sandwiches we should make and which one was the class favourite. Thank you to everyone who brought in food for the party to top up what we had made.  The children had a great feast and they enjoyed playing lots of different party games.   We also had a surprise visit from Santa who came and gave everyone a teddy.  We were so excited to see him.  We think it was because Tiny Tim (our naughty elf) told him how good we had all been.

(Please see the photos below of the children at their party.)

Nursery starts back on Monday 7th January and we look forward to seeing you all then.  A letter went out in book bags informing you of the key groups changing and who your child's new key work will be next term.  If you have not received the slip of paper, please speak to us and we will let you know.

Finally, thank you all so much for your kind presents and cards, they really do mean a lot to us.  We hope you all have a fantastic holiday and a great new year.  We will be looking on Tapestry to see all the amazing things you have been up to during the holidays!

From the Nursery Team!

Week Beginning 9.12.18

Christmas Again!

Didn't the children do well? 

We are so impressed by how well the children did in our Christmas sing-along, we hope you were as proud of them as we were.  Thank you to everyone for coming to support us and filling in the feedback forms, it was lovely to hear all the positive comments you have about nursery and how well the children are doing.  We hope you enjoyed the Christmas activities after and got a glimpse of what a nursery day looks like.


The rest of the week as been busy writing our Christmas cards and making decoration for Christmas with lots of glue, glitter and sparkles!  We have been focusing on the children writing their names and using scissors correctly.




We have also had a visitor from Tiny Tim, our naughty class elf.  He has already been getting up to some mischief.  Ask you child what Tiny Tim has done in nursery. Tiny Tim is watching all the children to see how they are behaving in nursery so he can let Santa know when he goes back.  Keep a look out to see what Tiny Tim gets up to next week!



Next week is the last week of nursery.

The last day of nursery is Thursday 20th December

We look forward to seeing you all on Monday 7th January.


Week beginning 3.12.18

Getting Ready for Christmas

We hope you had a lovely long weekend last week. 

During carpet time we have spoken about the story of Christmas and why we celebrate Christmas, because Baby Jesus was born at this time.

This week at nursery we have been very busy getting ready for Christmas.  Our role play area has been turned into Santa's Grotto and the children have been busy wrapping presents and helping Santa get ready for his big night.  We have also been making Christmas decorations to decorate our nursery and the school.

But most importantly we have been practicing all our songs for our Christmas sing-along.


Saturday 8th December - School Christmas Fair, 12 - 3pm

Tuesday 11th December - Nursery Sing-along, 9am (please can the children wear red or green tops for the sing a long)

Thursday 20th December - Last day of term for nursery

Friday 21st December - No Nursery

Happy Holidays!


Week beginning 26.11.18


It has been a short but busy week.  We continued our learning from last weeks Road Safety to look at other types of transport.  We sorted transport for if they travel by air, sea or ground.  We also used describing words so that our friends could guess the transport we were thinking about.  For ICT we introduced the children to BeeBots and the children had to programme the BeeBot by giving them directions so it could travel to the correct place.

The children made cheese pin wheels and we ate them in nursery, they were delicious.


Join us for our Christmas Sing-Along on Tuesday 11th December at 9;30 am in nursery, followed by Christmas Activities and mince pies.


Enjoy your long weekend and we look forward to seeing everyone on Monday


Transport week

Transport week 1
Transport week 2
Transport week 3
Transport week 4
Transport week 5
Transport week 6
Transport week 7
Transport week 8
Transport week 9
Transport week 10
Transport week 11
Transport week 12

week beginning 19.11.18

Road Safety Week

We have been very busy learning all about how to be safe on the road this week. On Monday Mrs Storms read us a fact book during library time, the book showed us lots of things that go on the road and how people need to walk on pavements.


We made our own set of rules of how to be safe on the roads.

These were:

Always hold an adults hand when near aroad.

Wait at the lights for a green man before you cross the road.

You need to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN

Walk, never run near a road


During our key groups we have looked at traffic lights and what the different colours meant.  We then played a game with stop, get ready and go.  On the computers we looked at how we need to wear bright colours when walking outside so that drives can see us clearly.  We also went into our outside area and practiced using the zebra crossing to help us cross the road.  We loved pretending that we were the lolly-pop lady and helping the other children cross the road when it was safe.

During PAL time we had lots of fun making roads and ramps for our cars, we did painting with different type tracks and we made some delicious traffic light biscuits which we enjoyed eating at snack time.


The children have learnt the 'Stop, Look and Listen' song.  See if your child can remember the words and teach it to you.


When you are out walking along the streets please talk about being safe and ask your child what they have to do.


There have been lots of children off this week and lots of children coughing and sneezing at nursery.

Please make sure you encourage your children to cover their mouths when they cough and wash their hands after to keep the germs at a minimum.

We hope you have a nice, warm and restful weekend.


Week beginning 12.11.18


This week was Anti-Bullying Week and we spent a lot of time talking about respecting each other and the toys within nursery.  We read 'The Smartest Giant in Town' by Julia Donaldson and spoke about why the Giant was so kind and how he respected his friends.  At the end of every day the children told us how they had been good friends and what they had done to help their friends.  Some of the things they said was -

'I shared my toys'

'I let her have my bike'

'I played with her when she was sad'

'We played a game together'

'We built a train track together'

'I helped her put on her coat'

'I found the book bag for him'


During PAL time we focused on playing board games.  This helped us to learn about taking turns, sharing, following instructions and being happy for someone when they win.


Play a game with your child, see if they can take turns, follow instructions and concentrate on the game for a good period of time.

As always we would love to see what games you are playing with at home, so please upload it onto Tapestry for us!


The afternoon children did some baking and made some heart shaped biscuits which they then shared with their friends.  (Please see photos below)


On Friday we celebrated 'Children In Need'.  Thank you to everyone who came dressed up in their onesies and brought money to support this fantastic cause.  We made Pudsey Masks, colouring in and we also did a shape hunt looking for all the circles which where hidden around nursery.  

Please see the photos below of the children dressed up.


Next week is Road Safety Week.

We are encouraging as many people as we can to walk to school next week.

So please walk to school or park slightly further away and walk the rest of the way.

See you then!


Friendship biscuits

Friendship biscuits 1
Friendship biscuits 2
Friendship biscuits 3
Friendship biscuits 4
Friendship biscuits 5
Friendship biscuits 6
Friendship biscuits 7
Friendship biscuits 8
Friendship biscuits 9
Friendship biscuits 10
Friendship biscuits 11
Friendship biscuits 12
Friendship biscuits 13
Friendship biscuits 14
Friendship biscuits 15
Friendship biscuits 16
Friendship biscuits 17
Friendship biscuits 18
Friendship biscuits 19
Friendship biscuits 20
Friendship biscuits 21
Friendship biscuits 22
Friendship biscuits 23
Friendship biscuits 24
Friendship biscuits 25
Friendship biscuits 26
Friendship biscuits 27
Friendship biscuits 28
Friendship biscuits 29
Friendship biscuits 30
Friendship biscuits 31
Friendship biscuits 32

Children in Need Day

Children in Need Day 1
Children in Need Day 2
Children in Need Day 3
Children in Need Day 4
Children in Need Day 5
Children in Need Day 6
Children in Need Day 7
Children in Need Day 8
Children in Need Day 9
Children in Need Day 10

Week Beginning 5.11.18


Welcome back to the second half of this term, we hope you all had a good break.  Thank you to those of you who have uploaded things onto Tapestry it looks like you did lots of fun and exciting activities. 


We started this week with a big BANG! as we spoke about fireworks, Guy Fawkes Night and Divali.

We did lots of different activities related to fireworks such as making rockets with junk modelling, using the interactive whiteboard to make firework pictures, read the story of Divali, created 

firework paintings using paintbrushes as well as blowing the paint with straws.  Lots of fun was had across all areas of nursery.


This week we focused on learning some of our 2D shapes and using them to make our own firework rockets.  For home learning this week go on a shape hunt with your child.  See if they can spot circles, rectangles, squares or triangles in the environment.  As always we would love to see any of this on tapestry.


Thank you to everyone who came to parents evening.  We hope you found it helpful and informative.  Thank you for all the feedback which

was lovely and overwhelmingly positive.


Next week is anti-bullying week where we will be focusing on being kind to our friends, sharing and taking turns.


Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday.


Fireworks Painting

Fireworks Painting 1
Fireworks Painting 2
Fireworks Painting 3
Fireworks Painting 4
Fireworks Painting 5
Fireworks Painting 6
Fireworks Painting 7
Fireworks Painting 8
Fireworks Painting 9
Fireworks Painting 10

Week beginning 22.10.18


It has been a very spooky and scary week at nursery! 

We have been looking at skeletons and the different bones in our body.  We used a special app on the ipad to see what it would look like inside our body, we saw the heart beating, the lungs breathing and the bones in our rib cage. We read funny bones and then tried complete a big skeleton jigsaw puzzle.  During PAL time one of the adult directed activities was to make our own skeleton pictures using art straws.

We read 'Room on a Broom' and did lots of witches activities. We made witches faces using 2D shapes and witches hats.

To finish the week we had a big Halloween party.  We made our own Halloween biscuits to eat which were delicious. We played lots of games and did dunking for apples.  Thank you if you brought some extra food in for the party, it was very much appreciated.  Thank you also to Mrs Vince who donated pumpkins for us to cut up and decorations for our party.  It made our party really special.

Please see pictures below and on Tapestry.

Over half term please can you take some photos and/or videos of what you have done and upload them onto Tapestry. It would be lovely for us to see all the amazing things you do. 

We have sent home all the spare clothes bags for you replenish and send back in on Monday 5th November ready for the next half term.

Have a great half term and we look forward to seeing you all on the 5th November.

Halloween Party

Halloween Party 1
Halloween Party 2
Halloween Party 3
Halloween Party 4
Halloween Party 5
Halloween Party 6
Halloween Party 7
Halloween Party 8
Halloween Party 9
Halloween Party 10
Halloween Party 11
Halloween Party 12
Halloween Party 13
Halloween Party 14
Halloween Party 15
Halloween Party 16
Halloween Party 17
Halloween Party 18

Week beginning 15.10.18

Autumn and Harvest

We have had a lovely week in nursery talking all about Autumn and going on an Autumn walk to look at all the leaves and conkers that have fallen down.  The children loved collecting the leaves and then making an art picture using all the natural resources.  We did conker rolling through paint to make our own unique pictures and autumn leaf printing.  We spoke about the colours that we see in Autumn and why the leaves fall down.  We also discussed how the weather changes and the days get shorter.


On Wednesday we spoke about Harvest and how the farmers dig up their fields to get the vegetables.  We made a list of vegetables which we would like to go in our soup.  On Thursday we spent a long time peeling the vegetables and cutting them up to put in the pot ready for our soup.  We had to wait for the vegetables to cook as they were still hard but on Friday we all tasted the soup which we had made. Some of us loved the soup and finished it all off, but some of us only had a little taste!

See the pictures below of us eating our soup!


Parent Evening Sign Up Sheets

Nursery Parents Evening is slightly different from the rest of the school.  We will ask you to sign up on the sheets (which will be available from Monday) for your KEY WORKER group.  Please sign up to see the correct adult.  Your child should know if they are in the Tiger, Bear or Elephant group.


It will be on Tuesday 6th November 3-4pm and Wednesday 7th November 3-4:30pm


Halloween Disco

Next week we will be talking about Halloween and finishing off the week on Friday with our own Halloween Disco.

The children will be able to come in their own disco clothes or dress up in some 'scary' costumes.

We will be making biscuits to eat for the party.




Week beginning 8th October 2018

My Friend Bear

This week we have been looking at friendships and talking about our friends both inside and outside of nursery.  We have spoken about what a good friend does and how we can be kind friends.  We made our own friendship bracelets to give to our friends. This helped our Physical Development as we had to use scissors to cut up the straws and then thread them onto pipe cleaners.  We also do some maths by looking at different bears, sorting them, counting them and following a pattern.  

The children loved being able to bring their 'friend' into nursery on Friday and we had a Teddy Bears picnic where we had made sandwiches for our 'friends' to enjoy.  We hope everyone's friends enjoyed it as much as we did. (See photos below).


Next week we will be looking at Autumn as lots of children have started bringing in some of the leaves they have found on the ground. Why not go on an autumn walk and see how many leaves or conkers you can collect.  Talk about what they see and what colours the leaves are.  Please bring in any conkers or leaves into nursery for our activities next week.

Thank you.



Teddy Bears Picnic

Teddy Bears Picnic 1
Teddy Bears Picnic 2
Teddy Bears Picnic 3
Teddy Bears Picnic 4
Teddy Bears Picnic 5
Teddy Bears Picnic 6
Teddy Bears Picnic 7
Teddy Bears Picnic 8
Teddy Bears Picnic 9
Teddy Bears Picnic 10
Teddy Bears Picnic 11
Teddy Bears Picnic 12
Teddy Bears Picnic 13
Teddy Bears Picnic 14
Teddy Bears Picnic 15
Teddy Bears Picnic 16
Teddy Bears Picnic 17
Teddy Bears Picnic 18
Teddy Bears Picnic 19
Teddy Bears Picnic 20
Teddy Bears Picnic 21
Teddy Bears Picnic 22
Teddy Bears Picnic 23
Teddy Bears Picnic 24
Teddy Bears Picnic 25
Teddy Bears Picnic 26
Teddy Bears Picnic 27
Teddy Bears Picnic 28
Teddy Bears Picnic 29
Teddy Bears Picnic 30
Teddy Bears Picnic 31
Teddy Bears Picnic 32
Teddy Bears Picnic 33
Teddy Bears Picnic 34
Teddy Bears Picnic 35
Teddy Bears Picnic 36
Teddy Bears Picnic 37
Teddy Bears Picnic 38
Teddy Bears Picnic 39
Teddy Bears Picnic 40
Teddy Bears Picnic 41
Teddy Bears Picnic 42
Teddy Bears Picnic 43
Teddy Bears Picnic 44
Teddy Bears Picnic 45
Teddy Bears Picnic 46
Teddy Bears Picnic 47
Teddy Bears Picnic 48
Teddy Bears Picnic 49
Teddy Bears Picnic 50
Teddy Bears Picnic 51
Teddy Bears Picnic 52
Teddy Bears Picnic 53
Teddy Bears Picnic 54
Teddy Bears Picnic 55
Teddy Bears Picnic 56
Teddy Bears Picnic 57
Teddy Bears Picnic 58
Teddy Bears Picnic 59
Teddy Bears Picnic 60
Teddy Bears Picnic 61

week beginning 1st October 2018

The Ugly Duckling

This week we read the story 'The Ugly Duckling' and discussed how we were all different from each other.  But even though we are different we still have to be kind to each other because we all have good points.  We looked carefully at ourselves in the mirror to see what we looked like and what features we had and then tried to draw our self portrait (see below for all our work).

Discuss with your child how s/he is different from you and other members of your family and also how you are similar as well.


We also sang 5 Little Ducks Go Swimming one day and practiced counting our ducks.  See if your child can sing the song and use their fingers to show how many ducks were left.


Thank you to all the parents who came to the Tapestry talk and to those of you who have logged on and left comments.  We really appreciate your comments.  We hope you have enjoyed looking at some of what your child does when they are not with you!  If you are still struggling to log on, please see the letter attached or come and speak to Mrs Freeman and I can check we have your correct email address on the system.  

Tapestry guide for Parents

Next week the school will be having their autumn disco.  Nursery will be having their disco the last day of this half term (Friday 26th October).  More information will be given nearer the time.  Thank you to Mrs Vince for helping to orgnise it all for nursery.

wk beginning 24.9.18

Little Rabbit Foo Foo

This week we have been reading the story of 'Little Rabbit Foo Foo' by Michael Rosen.  The children have loved this story and have become excellent at joining in and acting it out.  See if your child can retell the story to you.

We have used the story to talk about why it is important to be kind and to look after other people and our things in nursery.   In our key groups we made our own nursery class rules and spoke about what we can do to be kind.

During PAL time our focus activity was all about kind hands. 

We also painted our own goonies and made our own wands so we could be like the Good Fairy.

We hope you enjoyed the carrot cakes we made to go along with our rabbit theme!


Please come to our Tapestry talk on Wednesday straight after drop off at 8:50.  We will be explaining how we use Tapestry and help you get logged on.

wk beginning 17.9.18

A full week!


It has been a very busy week and it has been great to see how well the children have come in and settled into nursery.  Some children have found the last two days hard as they are now getting tired, however this is normal and once they are used to the routines of nursery they will be fine.


The adults have gotten to know the children more and we have split them into their three key groups.  Please look out for a letter on Monday informing you which group they will be in and who their key worker will be.  Each term the groups swap adults so that by the end of the year all three adults will know your child really well.  The children will be split into their key groups for 10 minutes every day to do a task related to the topic or theme.  As the groups are smaller we can tailor the tasks to suit the children.  We look forward to continuing the positive relationship we have developed so far with you all.  If there are any problems or issues please do come and speak to your child's key worker.


Thank you again to all the parents who have given us their £5 voluntary contribution and box of tissues.



There will be a meeting about Tapestry and help on how to log on on Wednesday 3rd October at 8:50.  All parents Welcome.



Wk 10th September

Settling In

It has been a great first few days at nursery.  There have been a few tears but they have all stopped quickly and we have been so impressed by how well the children have come in and settled down.  There are lots of photos below of the children playing with all the different activities within nursery.

Thank you to all the parents for your support in helping us get your child settled and leaving with a big smile.  We are sure there will be more tears for the next few days but hopefully they will get less and less!

If you have any concerns or problems please do speak to us.


Thank you to everyone who has sent in their £5 voluntary contribution.  If you haven't done so please do so as it really helps us to provide a wide range of experiences to enhance your child's learning.

We would also appreciate some boxes of tissues!


Please note that entrance and pick up from nursery is now via the Arundel gate at 9am and 3pm.  If you are collecting at 12, please come in the Furzhill entrance.

Thanks you



We hope you all have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday for a full week full of happy faces!






Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

The Bad Tempered Ladybird


The children loved listening to the story of "The Bad Tempered Ladybird"

They particularly enjoyed joining in with the phrase "Hey you........ you want a fight?

They then decided to make their own ladybirds, but made good tempered ones!

The children counted how many spots they wanted to print on their ladybirds.

Football didn't come home wink


We all looked super in our Red and White clothes on Wednesday to support  The England Football Team. We played football in our Nursery garden and listened to the song "Footballs Coming Home" 




This week the children played I-Spy with my little eye. 

They thought it was great fun holding the eye and decided that because the eye was so big we should say " I-Spy with my big eye"


We were so impressed with the children as they looked at the objects, made the sound and action and chose a friend to guess what the object was. They used so many skills apart from the letter sounds, sharing, turn taking, making choices and encouraging each other. Well done Nursery! 


Transition Day

The children were excited to tell us what they did when they went to visit their new Reception classes. They were especially keen to tell us about the Reception garden and how they liked the climbing area and slide. 


Great fun was had by all!


Have a super weekend 



Incy Wincy Spider


This week we have  been learning about `Spiders`  in particular Incy Wincy Spider.  

The children enjoyed learning the rhyme and the actions. We talked about how the spider was flushed out of the drain pipe because of the running water from the rain, so we experimented in our water tray with pipes and spiders.  They also enjoyed watching `spider in the bath` and talked about how they would feel if they saw a spider in their bath at home. 


Spider Webs


The children used their fine motor skills  to make their own web using paper plates and wool. They learnt how to use the hole punch and showed good hand-eye coordination when threading. 


Of course a spider web is not a spider web without a spider so we made spiders for our webs!!


The children used a range of different materials including egg boxes, pom poms, card, tissue paper, pipe cleaners and googley eyes. The children designed and made some super spiders for their webs.


We also used our fingers to print a spider, counting out 8 as we drew the spiders legs.


Paradise Wildlife  Park


Firstly we would like to say how proud we were with all the nursery children. They were extremely well behaved and a credit to Summerswood!


As soon as we arrived the children wanted to eat their lunch!


It was a very hot day so we had many drink breaks and toilet breaks!!!!


It was lovely to see so many excited faces when they saw all the different animals. 

We watched the penguins being fed and even managed to wake up the sleepy lion by calling him.


The Meerkats were a firm favourite along with the white tiger which they thought was a zebra because of his black stripes. 


The camels looked like they had the hump until they saw us and then they cheered up!!


They children were fascinated with the reptile temple where they saw an alligator and the biggest snake having a bath. 


But clearly the most exciting experience was eating our picnic lunch all together and  exploring the climbing area!


A great time was had by all and most importantly we all came back safe and sound and very sleepy!!







 Thursday 12th July is Transition Day. Nursery is closed as the children will be visiting their Reception classes.


See you all at Woodfest

Hope you have a great weekend






The children  were absolutely fabulous  doing their nursery assembly. We were so proud of them all for remembering their lines and for singing the songs with such enthusiasm. 

It is extremely  rewarding to see how far they have come this year especially watching how confident they were to perform in front of an audience.  It was the first time both the morning and afternoon children had performed the assembly together and  we are sure you will agree they are all super stars!


We would just like to say  it was lovely to see so many parents and carers a big thank you for all your support.


The children were all proud to receive their WOW cards for their fantastic assembly performance. 




PAL Time


Because we had an inset and an occasional day this week we were 2 day short. Wednesday we had our assembly practice and of course on Thursday the actual performance so we decided to have lots of extra time for our

'Play and Learning' time. 


The children have  had such a fun time making up their games and  initiating their own ideas in their play. 

Here are some of the fun activities they took part in. 


Nursery Trip


Thursday 5th July.


The children are very excited for their trip next week. Let`s hope the weather is kind to us. Please send your children in wearing school uniform. If the weather is warm please apply sun cream before school and provide them with a named sun hat. 


All children should arrive at nursery at 9.00 am. Please be prompt as the coach will be leaving at 9.15 am.


We will be returning at 2.45 pm. 


Packed lunches must be in a ruck sack that your child can carry. No lunch boxes. The children will need 2 drinks (no fizzy drinks please) 


Please note nursery will be closed for the children who are not coming on the trip.



Have a lovely sunny weekend



The Very Hungry Caterpillar (continued)


The children enjoyed the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar so much that we decided to continue with some more fun activities based around the story.


The children were brilliant at making their own number lines using the fruit from the story. They were able to follow the instructions of counting  out, writing the correct number and sticking it onto their number line.


Ask your children to look around the home environment and copy the numbers they find.


Last week Ryder brought in some real live caterpillars for us to look at.

It was great for the children to see and they noticed the caterpillars were 

stripy and really hairy!!

They counted 5 caterpillars and we sang our Caterpillar song to them! 



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14

Mini-Beast  Hunt


The children used the magnify glasses to look closely at the bugs in the messy area. They used  some super descriptive language to describe the bugs they found.


Here are some of the children`s descriptions ..................


Its creepy


Its spotty


Its green and slimy


Its stripy


Its yucky


Its got wings


Its spiky



The children looked in the outdoor environment for real bugs in the Nursery Bug Hotel. We spotted lots of spider webs and wood lice. 


The children learnt to be kind to bugs because some of them are good for our plants and the garden. 




Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11

Mini Beast Fun


During the children's PAL time they have been having fun with the mini beast activities. 

On the light box the children matched the butterfly halves making them symmetrical. 

They  made their own symmetrical patterns independently during busy fingers time using the butterfly cards. 


We had fun playing the spotty ladybird game. The children had to turn over a number card and count out the correct number of black spots to put on their ladybird. The children are so good at counting now we have started to introduce estimating! 


The children used the cuddly bugs to make a repeating pattern. They were able to sort bugs saying which could fly, swim, had lots of legs or no legs at all!


We have been using the books in our information area to find out facts about Mini- beasts. The children have been amazed at some of the different types of bugs there are. 


Ask your children about some of the bug facts they have learnt..............

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21
Picture 22
Picture 23
Picture 24
Picture 25
Picture 26
Picture 27
Picture 28
Picture 29
Picture 30
Picture 31
Picture 32



Our letter sound this week was 'n'


 We looked at the children's name cards.   Only one of our friends name begins with the letter 'n' 


We talked about capital letters and how we use them at the beginning of someones name. 


The children liked the 'n' song pretending to make an plane sound as they used their arms to fly.


We sorted objects beginning with 'n'



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16

Number of the week


Our number of the week was 14


We did 14 claps and 14 jumps.


As soon as the children know the number of the week they automatically start counting out objects in their play. They line up the cars, animals and blocks counting out as they point. 




Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7




Science Week


The children have had an action packed week taking part in various science activities. 


On Monday the children looked at the  different ingredients used to make play dough. They named the ingredients and talked about the different textures. The children were able to follow the instructions on how to make the play dough. The children used their maths skills to weigh and count out the ingredients. We learnt about liquids and solids and how the play dough changes when its put onto the heat. 


The children really enjoyed playing with the warm play dough. They used describing language throughout the process. Here is some of the children's  pupil voice...................


"its gooey"


"its runny"


"its lumpy"


"its sticky"


"its warm"


"its all in a big lump"



Floating and Sinking


The children predicted which objects they thought would float or sink. They looked around the nursery environment choosing objects for their investigation. 

We were so impressed with the children's predictions. They were very accurate and able to explain why objects sink to the bottom "Its because they are big and heavy"   "it stays on the top of the water"


The children continued their learning in the garden where they used the water tray outside with different objects. Some of the children even noticed that outside the objects moved around in the breeze.

Super observing!




Colour mixing


We had fun exploring colour.

The children really enjoyed mixing their own colour`s using hand prints. The children were surprised when they rubbed their hands together to see what colour they had made. We had a lot of predictions for the colour  "pink"   

Some of the colours the children made were ..............


yellow and blue make green

blue and red make purple

white and black make grey

white and red make pink

red and yellow make orange

red, blue and yellow make brown


We even made up our own colours with no names!!!!!!


 Now the children have learnt how to colour mix and which colours make different colours, we are confident that they will transfer theses skills in the  creative area.


Ask your children about their colour mixing skills and see if they can recall the colours they made.










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Corn flour


The corn flour led to so much discussion between the children. They were amazed at the change  in

texture as they touched the corn flour. It was firm until the children picked it up, then just like magic it turned into a liquid and ran through the children's hands. It was lovely to see their different reactions as they picked up the corn flour.