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Intent Statement


Children will be taught to sing and given the opportunity to play musical instruments.


Children will be given the opportunities to listen to a wide variety of music that reflect different cultures of the school’s community.   


Subject Leader: Mrs Breteche

Music is a subject we are looking to develop throughout this academic year and we are looking forward to trialling a new scheme of lessons after the Christmas break.


Our main focus is to provide a quality musical education to all children in the school, providing opportunities to listen and discover a wide variety of music, whilst also composing and performing themselves. 


Summerswood is very proud of our school choir with over 40 members, and we are very excited to be performing at Wembley later this year as a part of the 'Voice in a Million' concert. For more information on other trips and concerts, please check this page.

Progression in Music at Summerswood

Lorena Versan's Easter Composition

Lorena Versan's Easter Composition 1

It was so lovely to receive this composition by Lorena in Year 2. 


Being able to compose a piece of music is a very special talent and we are very proud of Lorena for keeping herself busy during lockdown. We look forward to a performance of the Easter Composition when we are back in school. 


Well done Lorena! 

Picture 1

A huge thank you to all the children who performed in our Winter Concert today. The audience were treated to a variety of performances on guitar and piano and were very impressed to hear the progress the children are making and how hard they are practising. 


Learning a musical instrument is a special skill to have and we are very lucky to be able to offer private guitar and piano tuition in school. If this is something you think your child may be interested in, please pick up a form from the school office.

Summerswood Winter Concert