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Covid 19 Information

If your child is attending school under the new restrictions from January 2021, and they test positive for Covid-19 at any time, please ensure that you inform the school AS SOON AS your child exhibits symptoms.

If anyone in your household exhibits symptoms, please inform the school AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and keep your child home until you get the test results back.

If your child or someone in your household is currently waiting for the result of a Covid-19 test, please also inform the school once you receive the result, whether it is positive OR negative.

Thank you for your co-operation in helping us to keep our children and staff safe!

Covid-19 Additional Spending Plan

GDPR Test and Trace Privacy Notice

Letter to parents and carers from Jim McManus - 23.09.2020

Out of School Activities - November 2020

Summerswood Primary School Covid-19 Policy - reviewed weekly