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Intent Statement


By raising attainment and accelerating progress in English, we will ensure that our children experience a broad, rich and aspirational curriculum which allows them to become secure readers and enthusiastic writers. Our safe and encouraging environment will allow our children to become confident speakers and attentive listeners.


Reading at Summerswood

We aim to develop the children's ability to read fluently, confidently and independently so that they value and enjoy reading. The school teaches reading using high quality text through a combination of approaches. The children will have the opportunity to take part in whole class, guided, shared and independent reading, progressing through different stages in each topic.


We actively encourage parents to be part of the reading process and welcome volunteer readers in school to enhance the children's reading opportunities.


We value the importance of reading for pleasure through class readers and the use of our well-resourced library and school librarian.


To access reading books, the children use the Collins Big Cat Ebook Library. In school, we are in the process of updating our reading scheme to Collins Big Cat Books. At the moment, we use a variety of schemes: Collins Big Cat, Oxford Reading Tree, and real books.


Phonics at Summerswood

At Summerswood, Phonics is taught everyday in Reception and Key Stage 1 following the framework within Essential Letters and Sounds. The school's chosen validated SSP. This will involve a 25-30 minute daily lesson for all children of planned systematic phonics delivery, with a wide opportunity for application of skills through the environment and other lessons.  The  reading scheme that we use reflects Essential Letters and Sounds.


ELS Phase 2 Sounds

ELS Phase 3 Sounds



Writing at Summerswood

We aim to develop the children's ability to produce well structured, appropriately detailed writing in which the meaning is made clear and which engages the interest of the reader.

Our teaching ensures clear progression and expectations of the use of vocabulary and sentence structure.


There are many different ways for the children to develop their writing across the curriculum to ensure they are skilled and competent writers.


Children are encouraged to write as part of a whole class group, small groups that are guided, and also independently.


Grammar at Summerswood

The school follows the Programme of Study for grammar as outlined in the main body of the National Curriculum. In general, this is taught in an embedded way so as to provide meaningful contexts for children to apply their learning in their writing. However, sometimes an aspect of grammar may be taught or revised in a discrete session. Children use this knowledge to help them gain more conscious control over their writing and understand how to compose accurate sentences.


Spelling at Summerswood

The school follows the Herts For Learning- Essential Spellings scheme (Year 2-6), which empowers children to build words and become spellers for life.


Cross-Curricular Opportunities

English influences all other areas of the curriculum and enables children to access a variety of forms of reading and writing. Wherever possible, teachers will seek to take advantage of opportunities to make cross-curricular links and support children to develop the application of the skills they learn in English lessons, in different contexts and subjects, through a variety of extended writing tasks.



The school uses Herts For Learning Pathway Planning with other Herts For Learning plans. The plans with relevant and engaging texts, revisit prior learning and address misconceptions before introducing key skills.  


Please see the curriculum map below for 2022-2023. 

How pupils with SEND are supported in English

ELS Parent Presentation