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Intent Statement


Children will leave Summerswood with developing decision-making skills, which allow them to ensure they have healthy minds, bodies and relationships. They are able to contribute to a diverse society.


Children at Summerswood will be provided with a learning environment that is secure and supportive, so that all individuals can develop academically and socially, free from fear of bullying. Children will have developed the confidence to find help if needed.

Curriculum Progression


At Summerswood Primary School we follow the PSHE Association programmes of study for PSHE. However, at Summerswood, we are reflective that we live in a rapidly changing world and that, based on the needs of today’s children and schools, we may need to change the foreseeable plans and content of our teaching in order to offer concepts and skills that may need immediate or future teaching. Knowing your individual children, classes and having an awareness of the Personal, Social and Health Education of the school, may mean that you alter the plans.


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All Summerswood, children are taught that they have the right to be safe at all times and that they can talk to someone about anything, no matter how small. Summerswood network is shared with all children so they know who they can go to for help.