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HIVE Tier 4 offers pupils access to a balanced academic and nurturing curriculum across their short-term schooling placement, supporting their behaviour development in order for them to return to their mainstream settings with greater self-esteem, social skills, confidence, and a more positive role within their school community.



Welcome from Mrs Wheatcroft

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Meet the Teacher - Mrs Paraskeva

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Week Beginning 4th January 2021


Getting to Know You smiley


This week in Hive we are focusing on getting to know you.  We want to find out all about you.  The activities listed will focus on who you are, what your family looks like, what your interests include, your hopes and dreams and to familiarize you with Summerswood school rules.

Each day we will post a short video of us modelling one of the activities for you.

Please complete 3 of the activities each day and email us a photo of your work.  We look forward to seeing how you get on.





My heart map activity - Friday

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School rules activity - Thursday

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Describe yourself to others video - Wednesday

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Get to know me video - Tuesday

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This week we are continuing looking at 

Floella Benjamin's

Coming to England.

We are writing our own weather reports and poems about what we would miss about England




This week we are learning about Fractions.


Outdoor activity

This week we made yarn Christmas trees.


This week 23rd -27th November



This week in English we are learning to write instructions.  We are designing and making our own puppets.  This relates to the text we have previously read, Scaredy Squirrel makes a friend.

We will be practising our sewing skills and getting creative.


Here are the puppets the children designed and made.  








We are continuing to practise strategies to subtract two digit numbers, these include regrouping and the   expanded column method.  Please ask your children about the different strategies they have been learning throughout the week.


Outdoor activity

This week we have been feeding the birds!  We made bird feeders and hung them in the school grounds.  Perhaps you could make one for your garden?

16th - 20th November 2020


Anti-Bullying week and #JustTalkHerts

This week we all took part in Anti-Bullying week and #JustTalkHerts. The theme for Anti-Bullying week 2020 is 'United Against Bullying.' As a school we focused on discussing mental health and raised awareness of this important part of our lives.  

We started the week off in a positive way with both children and adults wearing odd socks to school. This celebrated what makes us all unique.


Throughout the week we discussed what constituted bullying and the different roles people have when bullying happens. The children discussed what would make a good anti-bullying ambassador and designed a logo for our future anti-bullying ambassadors. 




We discussed and designed a poster to promote mental health and wellbeing, focusing on the key ‘Just Talk’ messages and how we could look after our own mental health.





This week in HIVE we were thinking about the words we use. Some words can make us brave, some make us laugh, some make us happy and others make us sad. We thought about the impressions our words make on other people’s hearts and how we would like those people to remember us. 



The children in Hive have been learning about capacity and volume. They have learnt that capacity is the amount of liquid a container can hold and volume is the amount of liquid which is in the container. The children worked together to read the scales of different measuring jugs and were able to estimate and order them from smallest to greatest

Place Value

In maths the children have been looking at place value and have been using different resources to represent numbers. They have been focusing on two digit numbers. The children have played numerous games to show their understanding of the value of each digit and have been ordering numbers from smallest to greatest and vice versa.