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Week beginning 10th February 


This week we have been learning about St Valentine's day. The children have been very busy designing their own Valentines cards with a special message for someone they care about.


In phonics we have been learning the vowel digraphs ee, oa and oo and tricky words no and go. 



In Maths we have been learning how to order by size and writing missing numbers up to 20.



Please remember to wear your PE kit to school on Monday 24th February for a fun PE day and bring in your £1 donation.


Next week is half term school will be closed!


Thank you for coming to our Stay and play on Wednesday. It was really nice to see so many of you.

We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we did. 


Have a lovely break and we look forward to seeing you back at school on Monday 24th February.


The Reception team



Week beginning 3rd February


Our topic this term is People Who Help Us. 

This week we have been looking at Doctors and what do they do to help us.

We have also looked at the Human body and all the parts of our body (head, legs, hands, etc) , as well as the organs inside our body ( brain, lungs, heart, etc). We have discussed our senses -  smell, hear, see, touch and taste.


In Phonics we have learnt the diagraphs ng (ring, sing,long) and ai (wait, rain, sail, chain) and tricky words we, me and be. We have looked at 2 syllable words such as zigzag, singsong, chitchat.


Stay and Play

Stay and play is on Wednesday 12th February at 2:15pm. 

The focus will be on maths and the skills the children need to know before being fluent mathematicians.


Have a nice weekend.

The Reception Team




We have been learning about the police and how the police help us. 

We made people who help us hats which the children took home with them. 

In phonics we have been revising all our new sounds that we have learnt.



We have been practicing, counting and addition and we learnt how to take away. 



Please remember to label your child PE kit and uniform as they are now gertting changed for PE. 

All PE kits need to be in school by Friday. If they do not have a PE kit they will not be able to join in.



Have a nice weekend 

Reception team

Week beginning 20.1.20


Chinese New Year

This week we have been learning all about the Chinese New Year.

We have looked at a map of the world to see where China is compared to London, Britain.  We have also learnt a lot about how Chinese people celebrate new year but having a big family meal, giving red envelops with money in it as good luck and having fireworks.

We read the story to learn why the Chinese years are named after animals.  We wrote sentence about the story in our Adult Directed groups.  For maths we used our number knowledge to order the animals and put them in the correct order.  We also learnt about different coins and made envelops to put the money into.  We had to count the coins to see how much was in it.

We made our own Chinese lanterns, we had to listen very carefully to instructions and then follow them.



We have learnt the sounds qu, ch, sh and th.

These are called diagraphs as they have 2 letters but only make one sound.  When the children see these letters together they have to know very quickly what sound it makes.

Some of the words we have looked at are - 


chop, chat, chimp

shop, shut,

that, then

What other words can you think of with these sounds?

Challenge - can you think of words with these sounds at the end?


Stay and Play

Wednesday 12th February @2:15pm

The focus will be on maths and the skills the children need to know before being fluent mathematicians.


Week beginning 13th January 

Oral Health Talk


This week we have been learning about how to keep our teeth healthy - we have to brush them twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening (bedtime) for 2 minutes, eat healthy food and drink less sugary drinks, visit dentist for regular check up, etc. We also have visitors who talked about dental health and oral hygiene on Wednesday and each child received a certificate. 




This week we have been looking at time - how long 1 minute is, how many jumps/hops can we do in 2 minutes, etc. We have discussed our daily routine - what do we do at different times of the day - we wake up in the morning, have breakfast, get ready for school, go to school, etc. 




This week we have learnt the letters 'y', 'z', 'zz' and tricky words 'he' and 'she'. 

We have learnt all the letters of the alphabet. 


Remember to practise letters and sounds at home and read with your child/ren every day.


Have a nice weekend.


The Reception Team



week beginning 6.1.20

People Who Help Us

It was great seeing everyone after the holidays.  All the children came back settled and ready for learning.  We heard all about what they did over the holidays and the children wrote or drew pictures about what they did.  Thank you to everyone who has uploaded something onto Tapestry to show us what they did.  This is a great opportunity as the children get a chance to stand up in front of their friends and show the class what they did.


We introduced our new topic 'People Who Help Us'.  We wrote a long list of all the different types of people who help us.  They included - doctors, nurses, dentists, vets, librarians, teachers, train drivers, firemen, our mums and dads and our friends.

We spoke about how some of them help and what things they use in their jobs.  The children had fun acting it out in the role play area.  


If you are in a job that 'helps people' then please let us know and if you are happy then you can come in and talk to the children about the type of work you do.  The children love having their parents come in and it would be a great opportunity.


Next week we will be having someone to come in a talk about how to keep our teeth clean.  We will be focusing on how a Dentist helps us.  


Phonics Phase 3

We have started learning our phase 3 letter sounds.

j as in jelly, jam, jug, jog

v as in van, Victor, vet

w as in wet, win, wig, 

x as in x-ray, box, next


week beginning 16.12.19

Last week of Term

This week has been very Christmassy as we have been making our Christmas cards, drawing Christmas pictures, talking about what we will be doing over the holidays and making decorations.

The children enjoyed their Christmas lunch on Wednesday and their Christmas party on Thursday.



We have finished learning all of phase 2 sounds.

Next term we will be moving onto learning the phase 3 sounds.

Please click on the link below to play some games to help your child consolidate their phonics.


In class we have been playing 'Buried Treasure' and 'Pick a Picture' which the children enjoy.


Thank you for the kind presents and cards you have sent us.  It has been a real pleasure working with your children this term and seeing them settle so well into Reception and progress in their learning.


It would be great to see what you get up to over Christmas, please upload any photos onto Tapestry.

We wish you a very happy holidays and enjoy what ever you are doing.

Week beginning 9th December 2019



We started our week off with a panto - the West End Theatre Company come in to school to perform their show 'Cinderella' for all children across the school. Both Reception classes enjoyed the songs, jokes and laughter.


Reception Sing-along


This week we have been practising a lot for our sing-along. Children spent lots of time and effort making Christmas hats and learning our songs and moves. Performing in front of such a large audience can be frightening but they seemed to like this opportunity. They all done really well and we are very proud of their hard work and enthusiasm for learning this half term.
We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the parents who came to our Christmas sing-along.

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Christmas Lunches 


Reception classes are going to have Christmas lunch on Wednesday.

There are 2 options to choose from:


Red: Roast turkey with chipolata sausage, sage & onion stuffing, potatoes, vegetables & gravy


Green: Vegetable Wellington, sage & onion stuffing, potatoes, vegetables & vegetarian gravy


On Thursday  Reception will only have the option of ordering a school packed lunch (Blue: cheese roll only) or bringing in a packed lunch from home.


Have a lovely weekend.

The Reception Team

Week beginning 2nd December 2019



    This week we have been reading the story of The Three Little Pigs.

The children enjoyed joining in with repeated phrases, retelling and acting out the story. They also wrote what each character said in

speech bubbles using their phonics knowledge.



In Maths we have been practicing subtraction and size ordering.

We have started writing letters to Santa and making Christmas decorations.



Don't forget to join us on Wednesday for our Christmas singalong either at 9.15 or 2.15



week beginning 25.11.19

The Little Red Hen

This week we read the story of 'The Little Red Hen'.  The children loved joining in with the repeating phrases and trying to act it out with masks and puppets.  See if your child can retell the story to you.

We introduced speech bubbles and encouraged the children to write what the different animals were saying.


We used the farm animals to help model simple addition number sentences, for example there were 2 cows and 3 dogs, how many animals were there altogether.  The adult modeled how to write the sentence and how to count both groups of animals to find the total.  This is something you could do at home together with your child.  As always we would love to see it on Tapestry.


Please join us tomorrow (Saturday 30th December) for our school Chrsitmas Fair.

It will be lots of fun with different activities for the children and adults.


Rehearsals are in full swing for our Reception sing-along on Wednesday 11th December at 9:15am or 2:15pm.

It will be followed by mince pies and drinks.

Please make sure that you purchase your ticket for 50p by sending the slip and money in a sealed named envelope.

Thank you!


week beginning 18.11.19

Road Safety Week

This week we have been learning how to be safe while walking to school and along the pavements.  We had a visitor come into talk about the rules of crossing the road - STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK.  She also spoke about the importance of putting on your seat belt whenever you are in the car.

In our focus groups we designed and made cars using junk modelling.  We also made our own cars using lego, mobilo and other construction toys, we then tested them to see how well they went down different types of ramps.  We played the traffic light game where the children had to listen carefully to instructions and follow them as quickly as possible.


We also linked this to maths, where we did tally charts, counting cars and simple maths sentences using different amount of toy cars to add together.

Please talk to your child about the rules of walking along pavements.


The Gingerbread Man

The story of the week has been 'The Gingerbread Man.'  The children have acted it out and retold the story.

They have also written speech bubbles of what the Gingerbread Man has said.


Phonics Stay and Play

Thank you to everyone who came to our stay and play.  We hope that you enjoyed coming and found it useful to see how we teach phonics and the different types of activities you could do at home to support your child's learning.  As always we would love to see what you have been doing on Tapestry.


Please see the link below which we have been playing at school


The game is Buried Treasure and it helps the child to revise words with all the phase 2 sounds.


week beginning 11.11.19

Remembrance Day

On Monday we observed the 2 minute silence to remember the soldiers who gave their lives to protect us so that we could live in a safe place.  We made lots of different types of poppies to help us remember them.


Anti-Bullying Week

This week we have been talking a lot about friendship and how to be kind to each other.  We all wore odd socks on Tuesday to show that we are all different, but we can still get on with each other.

We also read the story of ‘The Ugly Duckling’ and spoke about how the other ducks were mean and unkind to him.  We acted out the story and discussed the characters feelings.



We have now learnt all the sounds in phase 2.

All the children should have the above sounds in the phonics cases.

Please practice them and use them to make up CVC words.

Your child can sound them out using their 'robot voice' and see if they can hear all 3 letter sounds in the word ie cat = c-a-t


We have also learnt the tricky words to, the, I, no, go and into

The children will have been given a bookmark with these tricky words on them to practice.


Next Week is Road Safety Week

We will be talking about how to be safe walking on the pavements next to the road.

It would be great if you could walk/scoot/ride to school next week.


Have a lovely weekend


week beginning 4.11.19

Guy Fawkes Night

This week we have learning about the story of Guy Fawkes and doing lots of activities related to that.

We have:

  • Made our own fireworks using junk modelling learning how to cut and stick different materials together.
  • Developing our pincer muscles by making firework pictures with glue and sprinkling glitter
  • Making rockets with 2D shapes.
  • Making fireworks pictures using marble rolling and printing
  • Learnt how to be safe near fireworks
  • Counted fireworks and matched them to the correct numeral
  • Counted backwards from 10 to blast off.
  • Using our phonics to write firework sounds


This week we have been learning the sounds 'b' and 'h' and the tricky words 'I', 'no' and 'go'.

Tricky words are words which can't be sounded out and the children have just got to recognise the word by sight. 

Put some tricky words up around your house, say a word and ask your child to go to that word.  

Be tricky word detectives and look for these words in the books you are reading to your child.


Library Trip

We had a great trip to the library.  The children were amazing walking all the way down and back. They listened to their adults and were really sensible crossing the road.  Thank you to all the parents who offered to help with this trip.

 While at the library they enjoyed looking at books and choosing from a wide variety of different types of books.  For those children who brought in their cards they were able to take their books out.  If you did not bring your card, the books your child chose has been reserved for you to collect when you would like.  Please remember to return the books you borrowed.

We hope you enjoy reading your new book.


Parent's Evening

Thank you to everyone for coming to the parent consultations.  We hope you found them informative and useful.  There was lots of positive comments and it was lovely to discuss how well your child is doing.  However if there are ever any concerns please do come and speak to a teacher so that we can resolve the issue for you as quickly as we can.

Week beginning 21.10.19

Halloween and Diwali

We have been learning lots about the autumn festivals of Halloween, Harvest and Diwali.

The children have loved exploring pumpkins and scooping out all the seeds so that the pumpkins can be carved.  We have used the seeds for our busy fingers activities and some maths.  We also spoke about the Harvest festival and how the farmers used to get all the food produce ready for the winter months.  We spoke about how lucky we are now that we can get food all year round from lots of different countries.  

As Diwali is being celebrated next week, we also looked at how Hindu's celebrate their festival of light.  We learnt the story of Rama and Sita, and how Rama defeated evil.  To see the story please click on the link below.


We discussed the similarities and differences between the two festivals and how they are celebrated.

If you are doing anything to celebrate these festivals over half term, we would love to see them on tapestry.  One of the Early learning goals is for children to enjoy joining in with family customs and routines.



This week in phonics we learnt the sounds -

ck for duck, luck, muck,

e for egg, get, met, 

u for umbrella, up, duck, luck 

and the tricky words to and the

Tricky words are words which you can't sound out as they don't make phonetic sense.  You just have to look at the word and know it.  This is an important word to sight read.



To finish the week the children enjoyed their Halloween party.  They all looked great in the fancy dress costumes and party clothes.  Thank you to everyone who brought in their £5 contribution, it really does help us provide resources to enhance your child's learning.


What ever you do for half term, we hope you have a fun and relaxing time but most importantly keep safe.

We look forward to seeing you all on Monday 4th November.


Important Dates for your Diary

Trip to the Library - Wednesday 6th November 

Parents Evening - Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th November.  Please sign up on the online book sheet for your appointment.

Stay and Play session  CHANGE OF DATE -

Wednesday 20th November at 2:30pm  We will be focusing on phonics and how it is taught in school. Please join us to have a peek into your child's day.


Week Beginning 14.10.19



This week we have been learning the sounds g, o, c and k.

The children have been practicing cutting out circles for 'o' and making cat masks and crowns for 'c'.

Please keep practicing the letter sounds which are coming home in the book bags.

Try to make some 3 letter words with the sounds you have so far and see if the children can blend them.

For example c-a-t, d-o-g, t-i-n


How many different words can you make and read.

We would love to see them on tapestry.


This is a new skill for the children and really tricky to learn.  The more you practice it with them the easier it will be.  We are constantly assessing the children through their play to see how well they know their letters and how well they are able to blend.  When we feel that they are confident in both their sounds and blending then we will be giving them books with words for them to read at home to you.



In maths we have been looking at numbers from 1-10 and seeing what they look like written down, as actions or as actions.  We have been matching numberals to numbers and amounts of objects.

To support this learning we have been using numicon which is a visual and tactile resource to support children's understanding of number (see picture above).


Ask your child to spot some numbers in the environment and say the number name..

You could give your child a number and ask them to do the correct amount of claps/jumps for that number.

Ask your child to count how many toys they have and then find the correct number to go with it.


There is a meeting on Wednesday 23rd October at 2:45 - 3:05 for any parents new to Tapestry.  Mrs Freeman will be showing you how we use it in school and how it can be used at home.  If you need help logging onto your child's account Mrs Freeman will be there to support you with this.  Tapestry is a great tool to ensure that parents and teachers work closely together to help promote your child's learning.


Next week we will be learning all different festivals and celebrations which occur at this time of the year.

We will be looking at Harvest, Halloween and Diwali.  This is an important part of the curriculum and help promote understanding of differences within our community,  


Reception children will be having their Autumn disco on Friday 25th for the last part of the day.

The children will be allowed to come to school in their own clothes in exchange for the £5 voluntary contribution if you have not already done so. 

Thank you in advance for this contribution, it really does made a difference to the provisions given to your child to help them learn.



 Week 7/10/2019



This week in phonics we covered the sounds i,n,m,d. Please keep encouraging your child to learn the sounds at home. Why not have a go at writing the sounds?  You could write the sounds using paint, chalk or even shaving foam. 



We have been learning about 2d shapes. The children have been learning shape names and properties. Can you find 2d shapes at home? Encourage the children to look for hidden shapes in the environment



 World Mental Health Day

On Thursday we discussed the importance of being kind to each other and that we should respect each other and celebrate our differences. 


Voluntary contributions

Please remember to send in your voluntary £5 contributions.

The contribution enables us to provide resources to enhance your child's learning.


Reading Books

Please remember to send reading books in every day. Reading records need to be signed otherwise your child's book will not be changed.


Plastic Bottles

Please bring in small  plastic bottles with lids for next week. 


Have a lovely weekend.

Reception Team

Aut 1 week 5


We are now sending home reading books for you to read and look at together with your child.  Every children should have brought home their first reading book by the end of this week.

If there are no words in the book please look at the pictures and encourage your child to tell the story, asking them what they can se and what they think might happen next.  At the end of the book ask your children to tell you what happened in the story.  Please repeat it a few times with each book so that your child becomes really familiar with the book and how to tell a story.

It is also important for you to be reading to your child.  This is important to help them build up their vocabulary and help them know how a book works e.g. title, how to turn pages, point to words etc.

It is a good idea to get into the habit of having 'reading time' and sharing a book with your child for 5 mins every day, wherever possible.

Your child will have their books changed once a week, however please make sure that the books are in school every day in case we want to hear them read to us.




We have also started teaching the children their phonics using the jolly phonics songs and actions. (See link below).  This week we have learnt the sounds

s, a, t, p

We have also started learning to blend these sounds to help us read simple CVC words such as -

sat, pat, tap, sap

Your child should have come home with these letters in their boxes/pencil cases which you provided.  If you have not brought in a box/pencil case please do so to ensure that your child has the sounds to learn at home.  Use these letter cards to help remember the sounds, actions and if they are able to do that see if they can use these letters to make words which they can read.


Trip to the Library

To support the children's love of reading we have organised a trip to the library on Wednesday 6th November.  The children will be walking down to the library in Borehamwood where we will have a story read to us by the librarian and then we will have a chance to look at all the books.  If the children have a library card then they will be given the opportunity to take a book out of the library.  If you do not have a library card, please join the library as it is an amazing resource to have.

Please see the letter above for more information.



Thank you for all your help and support

Happy reading!




Jolly Phonics Phase Two

Uploaded by Jerry Harper on 2018-07-15.

Aut 1 wk4

Getting into a Routine

This week we have started getting used to the routine of Reception.  The children now know that when they come in to class they find their group and do a busy finger activity.  We also introduced phonics time, story time and carpet session into our daily routine.  The classes went to the Library where Mrs Storms read a story to them.   At the end of the week we went into the hall for our first PE lesson.  This week we only took our shoes and socks off, please can you ensure that the children are able to do this independently.  It would be helpful if girls wore socks on a Friday rather than tights.  Please ensure that PE bags are in school ready for when we do get changed.   It is also useful to have in school in case of any accidents.


Tapestry is now set up and the adults have been doing some lovely observations about what your children have been up to in school this week.  We are still setting up links from the children to the parents, once that has been done then you will be invited to a talk about Tapestry and how to use it if you are new to this.  We hope to get this done before half term.


This week we have been doing 'Dough Disco' this is a great activity to help the children strengthen their finger muscles, develop their hand eye co-ordination and getting them ready to hold a pencil.  A sheet has been sent home with a playdoh recipe and activities you can do at home to support this.   Look at the link below for inspiration.


Enjoy doing this it is great fun to do together!

Have a lovely weekend

The Reception Team

Aut 1 wk 3

Art Project

Each year group across the school has been focusing on a different type of art.  Reception have been focusing on abstract art and we have been looking at the paintings

by Kandinsky


and Mondrian


We discussed shapes, sizes and colour when talking about these pictures.

We then explored different ways of making these masterpieces using paint, card, oil pastels, blocks.

The art work will be displayed in school.



Over the next few days see how many circles, squares or rectangles you can find.  Can you make your own masterpiece using these shapes? We would love to see them if you could bring them into school.




We have been really impressed by how well the children have settled into Reception. 

They are also doing really well during lunch times and lots of children have been excellent at trying new food.  

A few reminders -

 - Please can you help them by going through the lunch options each morning so that they know what to choose.

 - Remember the £5 contribution 

- label all clothes and please check that your child has come home with the correct piece of uniform

- Ensure that the children have a spare set of clothes in school and return any clothes lent to you by the school.

- The school is a nut free school

- The school is participating in the Aldi scheme to try and win £20,000 worth of PE.  IF you spend £30 or more in Aldi you will get a sticker.  Please bring this into school to help us achieve our goal.  


Thank you





Aut 1 wk2

Settling In Week

It has been a great week and been lovely to see most of the children coming into school with big smiles on their faces ready for another day in Reception.

We have spent most of this week showing the children the different areas of the indoor and outdoor classrooms, how to use all the resources and how to tidy up when they have finished playing.  The children have also been getting to know the other children in their class and it has been a lovely watching them making friends and playing so nicely with each other.

Thank you to everyone for bringing in their 'Show and Tell' bags.  The children have enjoyed talking about the objects they have put into their bags and it has been a great way to get to know your children.  There are still some children who are waiting for their turn and we will hopefully get them done next week.


Thank you if you have already brought in your £5 voluntary contribution.  If you have not done so please put it in a named envelop and hand it to the teacher.  We really do appreciate the support with this as it help to ensure that the Reception curriculum is filled with fun and engaging activities.


Please note that we are a NUT FREE school.  Please ensure that you DO NOT send any nuts (including peanut butter) into school as we have some children with sever allergies to this.


Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you all for a full week next week.

The Reception Team.


Useful Information from The Becc

The Autumn Programme - http://ow.ly/d0gh50vrnwq 

Family Centre registration link - https://bit.ly/2JvnWuv