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Science w.c. 25th May 2020




Science fun at home


This week is 'Science week' and there is an activity for every day.

All activities can be completed by all ages with the support of an adult.  

Top tips for parents and carers.

  • There isn't a 'right answer'- so don’t worry about what you do/don't know.
  • Encourage, and model curiosity- be interested in your child’s questions and let them try out their        ideas  (safely!)
  • Go with the flow. If children are tired/hungry/need to run/cry/zone out, stop, and come back to it.
  • There are no time limits - you could spend a whole day diving into a project, or just do 30 min at a


  •  Lots of children may be feeling anxious at the moment. These activities will distract  them, or give      them  a sense of control.
  • Take photos/video as the project and idea progresses and email them into the class teacher. It’s a       great way to look back on the learning, share with teachers and peers and also capture good  memories.  All  your learning will be placed in a school science book.



If you run out of things to do, then try these.