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Monday 16th – Friday 20th September


We’ve had another lovely week in Year 1.


In Maths we worked with numbers up to 10 and represented them in different ways (objects and pictures). We learned that the quantity/number in a set does not change even if it is grouped differently.  We explored patterns in numbers through subitising (being able to say how many there are in a set without counting).

We practised this through using dice and dominoes.


In English we have looked at a story ‘We’re going on a dinosaur hunt’ (inspired by Michael Rosen’s 'We’re going on a bear hunt’ story).  We acted out parts of the story, looked for dinosaurs hidden in our playground, drew a story map and started writing the beginning of the story.


In RE we talked about how some people believe the world was created and children drew pictures of the creation story common to the Christian, Jewish and Muslim traditions.

In Science we talked about living and non-living things.



Have a lovely weekend.

Year 1 Team

Monday 9th Friday -13th September 2019


The children have had another busy week.

In Maths we have been using positional language such as on, next, above, below, underneath and ordinal language 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th to line up during the day and to tidy up our classroom.

In English we have been writing labels sounding out words and using phoneme charts. We have written simple sentences about dinosaurs such as The dinosaur is big. His neck is long.

We have enjoyed playing games outside such as duck duck goose and what's the time Mr. Wolf?


Please remember to label clothes for PE.

PE is on Mondays and Fridays.

Thank you for attending the Meet the Teacher Meetings. It was great to see you all.

Please find attached the Meet the Teacher powerpoint, the topic web, homework grid and spellings.


Our school theme this year is Dare to Dream, please talk to your child about what they would like to do when they grow up. Share your aspirations and your dreams too!

Have a lovely weekend.

Year 1  Team



Tuesday 3rd- Friday 6th September 2019


Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely summer and are ready for another great year at Summerswood!


This week we have joined in with a variety of ‘Getting to know you’ activities including circle time games and sharing snack together.

We have had fun writing our names and a sentence about our favourite things. We enjoyed talking about our holidays too!

On Thursday we had great fun outside with Mrs Ebanks and Mrs Quick completeing a Maths Trail. Using natural objects we had to make the inital of name and count the number of stones/twigs used.

We enjoyed running around the playground finding objects that were taller or smaller than us.

We have also been busy at the making table- listening and shraing equioment beautifully and have been producing amazing pictures based on the work of Corine Perier.


Year 1 will be having their Game On  lesson on Fridays and  PE lesson on Mondays so please ensure PE kits are in school and that they are labelled clearly with your child's name.


 Have a lovely weekend and we  look forward to seeing you on Thursday 12th  September for our Meet the Teacher meeting.