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Will you read me a story?


Welcome to the magical world of fairy tales! Was the Big Bad Wolf really so bad? How many bowls of porridge did Goldilocks eat? Let’s find out more about our favourite stories, and discover some new ones.

In preparation for when your child returns to school in September, we would love you to help him/her to prepare for their project.  Reading fairy tales can sweep us away into a fantastical world. Why not visit your local library together to read lots of different versions? You could also watch children’s films on this theme and discuss the different types of characters. We’ll look at different character types, and decide whether our favourite characters are ‘goodies’ or ‘baddies’! Alternatively, you could use toys to retell favourite fairy tales.


Have a fantastic, safe summer break and we'll see you in September.


The Year 1 Team

Below is a list of fairy tale book titles.